16 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Controlling Asshole Who Doesn’t Deserve You


1. He texts you multiple times in a row and immediately gets angry if you fail to answer, even if he knows you’re busy at work or out with your friends. He expects you to drop everything for him at a moment’s notice.

2. There are certain outfits he doesn’t let you wear and certain selfies he won’t let you post. If you look too attractive, he’s worried other boys will try to steal you away. 

3. He asks you to send him proof you are where you say you are. You might have to FaceTime him or send him a photo so he knows you’re really with your friends and not cheating on him with some other guy. 

4. He controls how much you drink — and not in a sweet, I don’t want you getting sick tonight way. It’s more like you’re going to look like a skank and embarrass me because you can’t handle your liquor.

5. When your friends ask you to meet up with them, you find yourself saying things like Let me ask my boyfriend first or I’m probably not allowed to do that.  

6. Whenever he apologizes, he never takes full responsibility for his actions. He’ll partially blame you. He’ll say that he only acted out because he loves you so much or because you made him so angry or because he doesn’t know what he’d do without you.  

7. He makes you feel bad when you go out with your friends and leave him at home, even if you include him 9 out of 10 times. He never wants you to leave the house without him. He wants to be your entire world. 

8. He calls the place where you work to talk to you instead of using your cell phone, because he wants to make sure you aren’t lying about being stuck in the office. 

9. He reads through your text messages and starts arguments if there are any messages from men, even if it’s clear the conversation is only friendly and not at all flirtatious

10. He occasionally drives by your house to make sure you’re home. He might even follow your car to see where you’re going. 

11. He tells you what you should be eating. What makeup you should (or should not) wear. How you should style your hair. He wants to make all of your decisions for you. 

12. He tries to turn you against your closest friends and family members. He will shit talk them whenever he gets the chance, because he wants to have you all to himself. He doesn’t want to share. 

13. He is constantly accusing you of something outlandish. Of cheating on him. Of lying to him. Of taking drugs. You don’t have time to be angry about his accusations, because you have to calm him down and convince him to trust you again.

14. He takes control of your finances. He only lets you spend a certain amount each month, even if the money is coming from your paycheck.

15. He downloads tracking apps that allow him to see where you are at all times. 

16. Whenever you come to your senses and consider breaking up with him, he tries to guilt trip you. He talks about how he couldn’t live without you and would kill himself if you left him.