16 Signs You’re A Hardcore Daydreamer


1. Your idea of a perfect afternoon is to go for a stroll with nothing but your imagination as company.

2. Sometimes you have a hard time remembering which conversations you’ve actually had with people, and which conversations you’ve had with them in your mind, which has led to some awkward arguments. What do you mean I didn’t tell you I was bringing a dessert?! Of course I did! Didn’t I? I’m pretty su—oh. I’m so sorry.

3. You were that kid that would just sit and make shapes out of the clouds. Actually, scratch that. You still are.

4. Your friends are completely accustomed to you zoning out at least once every time you hang out.

5. In fact, your closest friends can usually spot the exact moment when you drift off into your own world.

6. You’ve mastered the vague head-nod-smile-chuckle for when you accidentally zone out while chatting with a stranger and suddenly need to respond without being rude.

7. You’ve surprised yourself by turning a pleasant daydream into something disturbing and/or sexual when you least expected it, and then have to carry on a normal conversation with your chiropractor, even though you now feel VERY awkward.

8. You have a specific daydream scenario for every one of your celebrity crushes. Ryan Gosling? Yeah, we met at a local coffee shop and fell in love over our shared appreciation for artisanal blends. Emma Watson? It was a cool July evening in the South of France…

9. You don’t mind travelling long distances; in fact you kind of love it. You just want to look out the window and think for hours! That’s the real vacation, honestly.

10. As a kid, you put your Beanie Babies/Barbies/LEGOs into very complex storylines that no one could follow except you. Patti the Platypus needed to save her brother, but first she would need to cross the carpet-desert, scale the bed-cliff, and get advice from the wise Mystic the Unicorn who lived in the Pillow Mountains.

11. One of your favorite things to do is put your headphones on, go outside, and pretend that you’re starring in a movie with a GREAT soundtrack.

12. You sometimes surprise yourself when you think that you’re having a fantastic inner monologue, and then realize that you’ve been speaking aloud the whole time. Oops.

13. You LOVE hearing about other people’s weird dreams. It’s just fuel to the bonfire that’s your imagination!

14. And then after, you could theorize for hours about what their dream about the royal babies and moon landing could possibly mean, because it’s basically Daydreaming, Level 2.

15. You’re very familiar with that awkward moment that happens when you zone out and accidentally stare at a stranger, and then they’re looking back at you like you’re either a serial killer or…. no, actually, just that. They look at you like you’re planning their murder.

16. You’re a horrible procrastinator, and can’t even identify what you did all day to procrastinate, because you were just… dreaming.