16 Signs You’re Definitely The Michael Scott Of Your Friend Group


1. You slightly freak out when you haven’t seen your friends in a while.

2. You’ve got a flawless “just wing-it” approach to things.

3. You’ve been known to give yourself inspirational pep talks.

4. You have a super healthy outlook on what makes a healthy relationship.

5. You ask the important questions.

6. You’re an expert in…um…uhhhhhh…

7. You’ve always been the hopeless romantic in the group.

8. You have an interesting approach in getting things to go your way.

9. You consider your friends to be family members.

10. You have a solid understanding of how finances work.

11. You have an extensive vocabulary.

12. You like staying involved in other people’s lives.

13. You’re a total health nut.

14. You’re smooth as hell.

15. You know how to keep your composure.

16. You always know the perfect thing to say.