16 Things Girls Who Grew Up Close To Their Mother Know To Be True


1. You learned how to be strong by watching her. She was your very first hero. Growing up, you saw how much she juggled and how gracefully she handled life’s difficulties. To this day, she works tirelessly and still finds the time to be there for you whenever you need her. She is an example of everything you want to be.

2. You see her as a true friend. She was never just your mom. She is your pal. She is a confidante, someone you genuinely enjoy spending time with. She fills multiple roles in your life.

3. You come to her for advice, even when it isn’t what you want to hear. You know she always has your best interest at heart, so when you need advice, she is your go-to. Sure, you don’t always like it. You don’t always agree or listen. But 9 times out of 10, she ends up right.

4. No matter how old you get, you’ll never stop needing her. It’s not as if you magically become an adult and stop needing your mom. She will always be a comfort. She’ll always be your person.

5. She’s the first person you call. When something fantastic happens, you’re bursting with excitement to tell her. When something tragic happens, you want to collapse into her arms. She’s number one in your contact list.

6. You don’t keep secrets from her. You tell her all the nitty gritty stuff. Even stuff that makes both of you uncomfortable. The trust you’ve established in your relationship means you can be open about all things.

7. You assumed everyone had this kind of relationship with their mother. It was actually really eye-opening when you learned not everyone is close to their mom. You were a little naive to assume this exists everywhere. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Not all moms are good moms. And that realization made you even more appreciative to have the mom you do.

8. You have an insane amount of inside jokes. And they rarely make sense, but you’ll both laugh to the point of tears whenever someone mentions them.

9. You’re always so stoked to see her. Can you drive each other crazy? Of course. That’s what family does. But you really do cherish getting to be around her.

10. Nothing beats mom and daughter dates. Whether it’s shopping or just sitting on the couch, drinking a glass of wine and talking about life, you love quality time together.

11. Whenever someone broke your heart, your mom was there with ice cream and hugs. …And probably said you were way too good for them anyway.

12. Going away to college was a hard transition. Not being able to see her all the time was weird and definitely difficult. You were super homesick for a long time, but it reminded you just how special your relationship really is.

13. You get nervous about having kids. Weirdly enough, you’re worried about not being a good enough mom. You had such a perfect example, what if you can’t live up to it? It would break your heart to not have the relationship with your own kids that you have with your mother.

14. The thought of losing her devastates you. It’s morbid and not fun to think about, but you know there will come a day when you don’t have her. It’s one of your biggest fears. It makes you cry just thinking about it.


15. You believe in yourself. Your mother supported your dreams, no matter how silly or out there they were. This unconditional love set you up to give yourself that same kind of love. You obviously have bad days, like anyone would. But you know you’re worthy and deserving of good things. You know you can thank your mom for that.

16. No matter what, you’re forever thankful to have her. She is your best friend, your advice giver, your backbone when you feel weak. And that’s something you’ll never take for granted.