16 Things That Happen When You Leave Your Assignment Last Minute



  1. You have a fuck it attitude for literally everything. Your hair is messy? Fuck it. Your face looks like zombie? Duh. Your socks don’t match and your shirt is inside out? Pff. Whatevaa… until your crush see you and you’re like, fuck my life.
  2. You’re so stressed that you don’t even realize you’re actually stressing.
  3. You’re so sleepy that you’re not even sleepy any more.
  4. You’re so hungry that… fuck it, you will go get some food now.
  5. Coffee becomes your new bestfriend if not bestfriends already.
  6. You don’t realize how long you have spent in the library, but it’s like, so damn long, until someone comes in and tell you it’s closing in a few minutes.
  7. Then as soon as you move your ass to a 24-hour library, you decide that this will be your hub forevaaa.
  8. You are deeply comforted by the fact that there are still so many people hanging around and you are not the only one pulling a last minute all-nighter.
  9. You secretly notice whenever someone goes home and wonder when it will be your turn.
  10. No matter how sociable, outgoing you normally are, your face now only says one thing: Leave. Me. Alone.
  11. Everything else is on hold. Like, literally everything. You start all sentences with the phrase “when I’m done with this” and really can’t wait for this to be all over.
  12. You’re so desperate that you google how to write a last minute essay then go on to do intense research on your school’s penalty policy just in case, instead of doing something more useful, you know, like actually write your essay.
  13. Then you forget what you’re googling and start to watch cat videos until you freak the fuck out again and your brain goes on panic mode, omg I need to do my essay.
  14. You have a whole day planned out after you finish this which basically includes sleeping and doing nothing.
  15. Once you finish, you are totally overwhelmed with a mixed feeling of both relief and disbelief. Overall, you are just fucking proud of yourself and can’t shut up about how you actually stay up all night to do this at last minute.
  16. You really don’t want to think about this any more.