16 Things The Modern Day Feminist In Me Should Be (But Isn’t) Afraid To Admit


1. Just because women have the right to work does not mean (*most. There are some beautiful and brilliant exceptions) men have the right to decorate. 

Some things are just a no.

2. I’m all for equality but if you’re telling me that the only things on my to do list for the day are to change out of my cozy pants and into my comfy pants and feed the house plus the dogs, I’m the one that’s actually winning. 

That doesn’t sound like I’m the one who is getting the short end of the stick here.

3. I have no interest in doing something just to prove to others around me that I can do it if it’s going to create more work for me. I’m all about working smarter, not harder. 

If I can do it and it’s going to take an hour vs you and it’ll take 20 minutes, you win.

4. All women need help. 

I’m only 5’4. I can’t reach everything.

5. The idea of putting makeup and heels on every single day honestly makes me want to take a nap.


6. Being provided for in any way makes me feel safe. 

There really does come security with knowing someone else is rooting for your survival.

7. I’m not tall enough to reach on top of the fridge even though that’s where I hide my late night candy snacks. 

Sometimes asking for help just means you’re strong…. at least that’s what I tell myself.

8. I’m not jealous of people who leave their house every day. 

I’m just not.

9. I hate pumping my own gas. 

Work smarter not harder.

10. I’m too dependent on conversation to spend forever with myself. 

I need to talk to people, I need people to hear me. I need to express ideas, share meaningless laughs, and feel life with other people.

11. The only thing I care to be better at is being a better version of myself than I was yesterday. 

It’s just me, myself, and I.

12. Moms really are the ones who make a house a home, but dads are the proof of the family that lives there. 

The cleanliness standards are just…. different.

13. The only reason I think about money is because I remember I have to buy my dog food. 


14. Folding laundry and sweeping are two very therapeutic things for me and I don’t mind doing them at all. 

I will gladly claim these house chores. Call me a homemaker if you will, I’m just trying to stay sane.

15. The thought of my husband staying home all day with our child so that I can be the bread winner gives me anxiety and it will never happen. 

If anyone’s staying home all day it’s going to be the dogs.

16. There’s nothing a W-2 can give me that my footie pajamas and Hulu account don’t already. 

Literally, nothing.