16 Things To Be Grateful For When You’re 26


1. The fact that you learn you are in this uncanny period of limitless opportunities in your life. You are in no place to feign that you’re not going to need every last contact you’ve got. If you must walk out of something (whether it’s from a professional or emotional relationship), learn to do it benevolently, so the door won’t be locked if you need to walk back in.

2. You learn the purpose of love. You will go through the breakups and make-ups, which will teach you what you need to know, and direct you to bigger, better, and even happier things.

3. You learn to say “sorry” and “thank you” to strangers and loved ones in different ways. When you vocalize these words, you learn it does not make you a bigger or smaller person.

4. You learn to treat everyone as humans rather than inorganic servants. Ask the cashier at the gas station, waitress at the diner, late-night cab driver, etc. how their day is going and have a discussion with them.

5. You learn to appreciate the essence of spices that is in your food. Step away from the processed foods at the grocery store and research the power of natural eating. Add turmeric powder to your milk, put shredded ginger in your water, or add garlic to your homemade salsa.

6. Giving new people you meet a chance. You will learn that some relationships will fade, while others will grow. As you’ve noticed you’re at a point in your life where all your friends are in serious relationships — if you aren’t in one that is okay. Step outside of your comfort zone, and make new friends.

7. For being wealthier than you think you are. You have access to the Internet. You did not go to sleep hungry last night. You have a roof over your head. You have clean drinking water. You had the opportunity to pick out an outfit — you had choices! — today. Unfortunately, many people in other countries do not have these luxury.

8. The prominence of traveling alone. Traveling alone builds a certain type of strength and resilience. It is okay to be lost. Life is full of mysteries, so get out there and discover them.

9. Putting your phone down. Go out into the world and just live it. You must understand that your happiness will not be found in reading about the updates of other people’s lives.

10. Nature. Step outside and take in some of the fresh air this earth has to provide us. Look at the beautiful landscape as well, which can be grounding and invigorating.

11. Your body. You have this one body, learn to take care of it. Do early morning stretches as soon as you wake up to promote a healthy lifestyle. Dance in front of the mirror naked (or ladies, dance with your bra and underwear on to visualize how you’d look in that bikini body). Do your best to treat your well, and embrace it no matter what it looks like.

12. Having healthy hair. Put coconut oil in your hair a couple times a week or month to decrease the chances of hair loss and maintain the hair you do have. (You’re never going to look as good as you do in this moment, so make the most of it.)

13. Maintaining proper oral hygiene. Invest in a tongue scraper (por favor). Tongue scrapers help remove the build up from the surface of the tongue leaving your breath smelling fresh.

14. Not having it figured out. This is normal. It takes time and patience to figure out where you want to be and what you want to do. As long as you have set goals for yourself, you are a day closer to fulfilling your dream (whatever it may be).

15. Loving your parents. For all these years, your parents spent quality time in raising you to become a wonderful person. In return, as they’re getting older try to spend more time with them or call to just say a simple “hello.”

16. Waking up this morning fully functioning. It’s easy to say to enjoy each and every day, but it doesn’t always happen because we all go through our ups and downs. It is important to try our best to live life to the fullest though because one day we all are going to stop breathing.

featured image – Caro / Flickr