16 Types Of Toxic People Every Strong Person Avoids In Their Life


1. People who gossip.

Anyone who gossips doesn’t have enough self-confidence in themselves to talk about things that matter more. Everyone gets caught up in it sometimes. But the best type of people are the ones who can remove themselves from that situation or somehow change the conversation into something positive.

2. People who fear change.

It’s normal to fear big changes in your life. A new job. A new school. A new city. But the people who simply want their lives to be exactly the same and are fine with that have no room for growth and change. Those are the people who will get bored easily then be unhappy and blame others for it just because they are too afraid to do anything themselves.

3. People who cling to the past.

These are the people who live in the past. The ones who make you feel guilty for something in the past. These are the people who don’t know how to live in the present moment and it allows them to become more negative. You don’t need people like this. The only people you need are the ones who are right here right now and in your corner.

4. People who are negative.

Negative people are the ones you don’t want to be around. The ones who bring you down and complain every time you see them. They don’t add much to conversations because the root of a negative person is they are unhappy with themselves.

5. People with poor habits.

Your daily habits will dictate the type of success you have. From career success to successful relationships to how you fill your free time. If you are just laying in bed eating and watching TV every night nothing about that is pushing you to become a better version of yourself. A lot of people will talk about the things they want to do. Very few people actually act on it.

6. People who don’t respect you or others.

If someone doesn’t treat you well stop associating with them. It isn’t just them who is toxic if you are choosing someone like that, you are too. Don’t give someone more than one chance to disrespect you.

And if someone doesn’t respect someone else you shouldn’t want to associate with someone like that.

7. People who don’t believe in your dreams.

People who belittle your dreams or belittle the things you want to do in life are only doing that because they didn’t achieve something themselves. These are the people who would rather play it safe than take any sort of chance and being that 1% that is different. When you believe in yourself and don’t let others dictate your life first people will ask why you are doing it, then they’ll see success and ask how you did it. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you can’t achieve or don’t deserve the things you want most in life.

8. People who lie.

Someone who has to lie to make themselves feel better or they do it to look better in your eyes, will never be happy with what they have. They will always feel like they are in a competition with someone else when in reality successful people are only in a competition with themselves.

9. People who complain.

It’s normal to just need to vent sometimes. But toxic people are the ones who complain every time you see them. Nothing is ever good enough. Nothing is ever right. Nothing is ever going their way. And they feel the need to share that with you. The most successful people might have things to complain about but you don’t hear it.

10. People who are self-destructive.

Anyone who is self-destructive will take you down if you try and save them. Even with your most genuine intentions, somebody has got to want what’s best for themselves.

11. People who play the victim.

Toxic people never take responsibility for their actions. They always blame someone else because it’s easier to admit something didn’t work out because of someone else than admit they are to blame for what has happened to them.

12. People who manipulate you.

Anyone who throws guilt or makes you feel bad about something, someone who knows what to say and when to say it just to get you to do what they want aren’t healthy and those aren’t the people you want in your life.

13. People who are arrogant.

Anyone with an inflated ego or that person who thinks they are just better than you, those toxic people will end up losing a lot of relationships because there’s a difference between confidence and being a cocky asshole. When you’re confident you don’t need to prove anything to anyone. When you’re arrogant you have this inflated ego which if you broke it down is really a lack of confidence and you trying to just be good enough for yourself.

14. People who are overly critical.

The best way to build someone up isn’t through criticizing them but rather showing them their best qualities, helping them to become the person they can be while not knocking down who they are. A toxic person who is overly critical of you, in reality, is overly critical of themselves and that’s the voice they listen to and believe.

15. People who are narcissists.

It’s the person who is so self-absorbed there isn’t room for any other relationship. There isn’t room for caring about anyone else. They are very good at controlling people and having this charisma. But when you remove narcissist people from your life not only do you become happier but there is this weight lifted off you.

16. People who are mean.

Toxic people are the ones who are mean for no reason. Those people who are selectively kind. If you can pick and choose who you are going to be nice too, you aren’t a nice person. If you are putting someone else down just because you haven’t given them the light of day or a chance you aren’t a nice person. If you are saying anything unkind about someone just because you aren’t a nice but toxic person.

The best people don’t waste time being mean even when someone isn’t kind to them. They are mature enough to just walk away and not get too emotionally affected by it.