16 Ways To Leave 2016 Behind You And Make This Year Your Bitch


1. The first and foremost thing to do this year is to surround yourself with people who inspire you. Leave behind all those who caused chaos and bought negativity in your life or made you second guess or look down upon yourself. You don’t need that. This year make sure to surround yourself with good vibes, love and people who make you feel good about yourself.

2. This year make a promise to yourself to pour out your heart. Keeping the words stuck inside didn’t help us in any way in 2016. Instead, you were taken for granted. No one cared about how you felt or they took it for granted for you to be okay. But it’s time for everyone to know that it is not okay. Scream it out in one breath and run away if that helps. But let it out. Let them know.

3. Stop thinking about all the tasks unachieved in 2016. Life if full of second chances and new years are just a way of the universe offering them to you. Make a new start. Have a vision. Assign yourself small aims and tasks which can be easily achieved and eventually give you satisfaction.

4. Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself. Feed your soul. Take yourself out on coffee dates. Pamper yourself with a spa day. Bring a smile on your face. First be happy yourself to bring happiness to others.

5. Try and promise yourself to stop overthinking. We all tend to overthink ourselves into stress and anxiety. Stop it. What you did made your heart lighter and soul happier. Relish it.

6. Get out of your complexes. No one has the right to put a label on you. Be your own hero. Be your own sunshine. Shake off all the labels and tags that this year has given you and stick it on their faces.

7. Enough of temporary visitors! Either they stay or they leave. Hold the door open for them. You are done with that. You are not a part time entertainer. You are a whole person.

8. Stop waiting for your “someday.” Want to get a dog? Get one! Want a vacation? Book the tickets! Don’t have enough money? Work harder and start saving up. Just stop waiting because the wait never ends and the day never comes. Just do it.

9. We all know how resolutions fail. No matter how many promises we make, we ditch our resolutions after a few months. So, instead of resolutions, make plans this year. For example, instead of making a resolution to lose 10 pounds, make a plan to work out more each day.

10. Invest this year on being yourself. Stop moulding yourself in the shape of someone else’s comfort zone. Stop falling into what Rebel Wilson called “dicksand” in the movie How To Be Single.

11. Stop being so hard on yourself. Let yourself be at ease. Trust the universe a little more this year. Believe that everything will eventually make sense.

12. Let’s do something different. Instead of reflecting on the negative aspects of 2016, let’s look on the brighter side. Let’s recognize the simple and small pleasures that this past year has offered, learn from the mistakes and instead of a sigh, let’s start this year with a smile.

13. Keep yourself busy. Meet new people. Get into a dance class. Learn a new language. Sing a little louder. Add more and more to your have-to-watch list. Buy more books. Give yourself the permission to get a bit more drunk. Let yourself free. Lose yourself in daydream. Let yourself fly. Break the shackles of 2016 and drink in the red wine of life to the last drop.

14. Start accepting things as they come. Stop complaining and whining. You have to understand that you cannot change the situation but only better them. You are half way done when you accept things and the rest half depends on how you pull up your socks.

15. Don’t settle. Push yourself. Sky is the limit. It sounds clichéd but make this the mantra of your life. Get out of your comfort zone and explore all that life has to offer. Make every heartbeat count.

16. And lastly, don’t be afraid to fall. You may not be able to achieve exactly what you want. But don’t let that stop you. Be a force of nature. Have fire. Be unstoppable. And, go! Claim this year and make it your bitch!