16 Ways To Save Money AND Lose Weight


As the saying goes money doesn’t grow on trees, unless you’re high on magic mushrooms. In an economy where the cost of living is continually rising, we search for ways to increase our balance to pay for life’s luxuries.

Regardless of what you’re saving for here are methods to convert lbs into pounds (£/$).

Out with the old, if you haven’t used or worn it in the last year, make space in your life and your closet for the clothes that you’re going to fit into. List items on Ebay, take them for consignment, or upload to Facebook marketplace, there’s countless ways to shift your stuff.

Slash the coffee spending. I once worked out that I spend $50 at Starbucks per week, over a year that’s $2600 and if you drink anything other than black americano, it’s a lot of milk and sugar.

Go back to basics when grocery shopping, take a minute to read labels of prepared sauces and ready meals. You’ll see there’s unnecessary additives, sugars and fats that aren’t good for your weight or health. Start buying fresh veg, and prep things yourself saving cash and calories.

Use your freezer, make a soup for example and freeze it, there’s your healthy work lunch for whenever you feel like it, no wastage and saves money on eating out for lunches.

Drink more tap water especially instead of wine, you’ll save and win your battle with the sugar gut. It’s good for you.

Insert coins into a piggy bank instead of a vending machine. They are cash machines in disguise, you feel like as though you’re spending a dollar or two but add it up over a month and it can be substantial. Make sure the only fizzy drink you’re consuming is sparkling water.

Invest In a recipe book and start clean cooking, you can even substitute that Saturday dinner out for hosting a dinner party at your place.

Cut down liquor consumption. I know it’s easy to say and hard to do on a Friday after work. Drinking out is so expensive and is why there’s so many bars and restaurants in business. Having a clear head on a Saturday morning will enable you to take up running club or spin class.

Consider buying protein powder instead of bronzing powder, it’s much cheaper.

On a serious note, cut the beauty spending, it won’t help with your cellulite but it will save you money. Many high-end brands have similar ingredients to inexpensive options, we often pay for branding.

Limit the treats. Pizza takeout, for example, is a bad combo, thousands of calories plus a fee to consume it. I’m not suggesting going cold turkey but one take out per week should be sufficient.

Dust off your bicycle, most of us have one buried somewhere in our parents’ garage. Clean it up and consider riding to work or elsewhere instead of cabbing or driving.

Stop the cinema, nowadays it’s costly, consider a Netflix account. The cinema has too many temptations, popcorn, nachos, candy, it’s the playground for junk food.

Do I need this? Use this mantra religiously to save cash and calories. Do it with the popcorn and with a purse.

Avoid the ice cream aisle, Ben & Jerry’s is up to $8, it costs to get chubby, think about that.

Salad and small plates are usually less costly in restaurants than burgers, never eat chips eat salad sandwiches and remain young = Necessary.

I understand it can be difficult to be strict with your eating and spending but commit to it for a month and see how much you save in $ and lbs.

Most books say that it takes 28 days to create a habit, so if you get over that month hurdle you’re likely to succeed. Get that size 4 waist and possibly multiply your savings account by four.