16 Women Share The Subtle Things They Do When They Say They’re Not Mad At Their Boyfriend But Actually Are


1. “I sigh really heavily with every movement I make. Closing the kitchen cabinet, sigh, opening the fridge, even louder sigh, pouring myself a glass of wine, loudest sigh he has ever heard.” —Danielle, 26

2. “I’m usually really giggly and smiley and naturally just an upbeat person, and when I’m mad at him, I physically can’t smile or laugh, like it’s impossible. If he doesn’t catch on, it’s because he doesn’t want to or doesn’t care.” —Natalie, 24

3. “If he tells me he loves me when I’m mad, I say it really reluctantly. It sounds like I’m being forced by torture to say it.” —Katharine, 25

4. “I usually just won’t do things I normally do for him. I won’t pour him a drink, I won’t ask if he wants anything, I won’t ask how his day was. When I’m mad at him I don’t really want anything to do with him.” —Jillian, 26

5. “I won’t initiate sex, and if he does, I’ll probably turn him down.” —Zara, 25

6. “I just get really quiet, which he probably actually loves because most times I never shut up.” —Kellianne, 26

7. “I drink more alcohol than usual, aka I get really drunk even if it’s Tuesday.” —Carley, 25

8. “I pretty much just avoid him. We live together so if he comes into the bedroom, I leave and go to the living room, and then when he walks into the living room, I go back into the bedroom. And if he really won’t leave me alone, bathroom.” —Bridgette, 27

9. “Depends how mad, but if he does something really bad I usually just do some online retail therapy. Buying clothes makes me forget about the stupid shit he did and then I can think about the new cute outfit I’m going to wear this weekend instead.” —Jenna, 25

10. “I’ll spend the entire night on my phone, and pay little to no attention to him.” —Rachael, 24

11. “If I don’t directly tell him that I’m mad at him, I’ll pretty much just be a complete bitch to him until he figures it out.” —Tonya, 24

12. “I start cleaning. I take all my anger out on the dishes, floor, or toilet.” —Lisa, 28

13. “I’m not subtle. If I’m mad he will know immediately.” —Caroline, 25

14. “I’m way less touchy-feely. Normally I’ll try to hold his hand and always have my arm around him, but when I’m mad, no thank you.” —Marissa, 27

15. “When we sleep together I’ll face the other way and take all of the covers.” —Jordan, 26

16. “I hate being passive-aggressive with him, if something’s bothering me I just talk to him about it.” —Michaela, 28