17 Awkward Things That Will Definitely Happen When You Date A Girl With Brothers


1. No matter how much her brothers like you, you are a (potential) heart-breaker suspect, and you shall be treated as such. You will be given “a talk” that involves threats – threats that include possibly disfiguring your face.

2. On the other hand, her brothers might have you think you’re in good graces because they’ll tell you they thought “no one could put up with their sister.” Laugh but don’t laugh too hard. They’re family; they’re allowed to say these things. You’re not.

3. Expect her brothers to find out almost every wrong thing you’ve ever done to any girl, ever. It doesn’t matter if it was 8th grade, somehow they’ll find out, bring it up, and expect you to explain yourself.

4. Dating a girl with brothers means they’ll definitely challenge you to something competitive at some point. It’ll feel awkward and it’s supposed to be – they are testing you. Unless you’re absolutely sure, always, always let them win at whatever the competition is. But only marginally, lest they’ll think you’re a wimp.

5. Her brothers will try to coerce you into making some sort of inappropriate comment about their sister. Do not fall for this. They will not be amused (to your face) if you say anything you know better than to say in front of them.

6. When you date a girl with brothers, expect to meet them fairly early in the relationship, earlier than normal. If you can’t cut it with her brothers, you probably won’t cut it with her dad so she’s just doing everyone a favor here.

7. A girl’s brothers will definitely inquire right in front of her what you like about their sister. Better have an award-winning response ready otherwise they’ll think you’re a fraud.

8. They will definitely publicly ask you why you think you’re good enough for their sister. And I do mean, publicly – with strangers watching and everything.

9. Behind their sister’s back, they will ask you “to be honest – tell us what you don’t like about our sister.” This is yet another trick. Say something tame like she loves documentaries and you love independent films.

10. When you date a girl with brothers, you are not in any way shape or form, allowed PDA around them. They will hurt you.

11. If you’re sitting around for a meal, one of them will most likely try to sit between you and her. For some reason, seeing their sister with another guy will make them act like they are 5 years old again.

12. Her brothers will often get into staring matches with you. They will be cold, hard, kind of creepy stares, that they will make you wish your mama was close by.

13. A girl’s brother will continue to fight with her right in front of you. He might even ask you to take his side. Definitely do not take his side – he’ll think you actually, really suck for doing that. And he won’t trust you to defend his sister when he’s not around.

14. You’re going to be accused of being a sissy when you’re too nice, you’re going to be accused of being a douche if you do anything remotely mean. It’s a balancing act that you can’t win. Sorry.

15. Sometimes, her brothers are going to flat-out ignore you in conversation. You’ll be sitting there just staring at your fingers because they’ve made it pretty clear they have no interest in anything you have to say. Again, sorry.

16. They are going to play terrible pranks on you – the kind of pranks that should only be reserved for people who you’ve known a lifetime and have to forgive you. Stay cool, they’re just testing your temper and resolve.

17. Now that you’re “one of the guys,” you’re going to be recruited for doing things that “the guys” in her family do together, whether you like it or not. But at least it’ll be good bonding time? Maybe?

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