17 Benefits Of Having A Friend Who Knows Everything About You


1. You never have to explain yourself to someone else. You can launch into whatever crazy antic you experienced last, and your best friend is just going to understand exactly why that would happen to your life — and not judge you for it.

2. They know your dreams and hopes, and will always make sure you’re aiming to reach all the goals you need to, and not settling for the easier path.

3. They randomly text you when they see things at the mall they know you’d love and need in your life.

4. (And will sometimes just buy it for you then and there, knowing you’ll pay them back for it.)

5. When you can’t decide on what you want to do that day, or what you want to eat, they’re the ones who decide for you — and you haven’t been let down yet.

6. And they’re instantly in tune with all those times you just need to fuse your butts to the couch and do absolutely NOTHING together.

7. They know when you need to talk about something, but are being really hesitant in doing so. (And they will do the work necessary to pull you out of your shell and deal with whatever is festering.)

8. They can tell when they should just give you some breathing room and let you stew on your own before they make you open up, too.

9. They will never refrain from calling you out on your bullshit.

10. If you ever them needed to, they would absolutely log onto all of your social platforms and email addresses to wipe evidence, because they know your passwords. Not that you’d need them to any time soon, it’s just… You know. A good thing to have “in case.”

11. They know all of your family members, exes, and even casual acquaintance-type friends by name so when you’re relaying a story, there’s no lag time or explaining to them. They just get it.

12. They know what you’ll find funny, what you’ll find sad, what things you like, and what you will or won’t reject out of hand. You’re always getting book, music, and movie recommendations from them that you wind up loving.

13. You don’t have to fake anything with them. You can be sad when you’re sad, you can be honest when you need to blow off steam. It really is an under-realized privilege.

14. They accept you unconditionally. They know every last flaw, everything you’re embarrassed about, what your ugly-cry face looks like, and how monstrous you become when you’re hangry — and they stick around anyway.

15. You become the kind of friends who can grow separately, but together. You don’t absolutely need each other to be the same exact person you were five years ago. (And what’s more, you’re proud of each other’s personal evolution and journey.)

16. They buy the best gifts. Let’s just be honest.

17. They have a weird 6th sense for what you need right in that moment — even if what you need is just a hug or a “thinking of you” text. And you do the same for them, because yours is a bond like no other. Sometimes it feels weird or spooky that you could be so connected with someone, but you wouldn’t trade that in for the world. 

featured image – Gossip Girl