17 College Classes That Might Actually Help You Survive In The Real World (Unlike Calculus)


1. Sociology 171: How To Make Friends Sober

2. Communication Studies 10: How To Say No To Things You Actually Don’t Want To Do

3. History 103: How To Recover From Accidentally Liking Someone’s Instagram Picture From 2010

4. Biology 105: Am I Pregnant Or Just Stressed?

5. Cosmetology 101: How To Look Like You Weren’t Just Crying In The Bathroom

6. Life After Your Meal Plan: How To Eat On A Budget

7. Poli Sci 50: Policies For When Your Psychotic Roommate Keeps Stealing Your Stuff

8. Chemistry 20: Convincing Your Hook Up That You Two Have A Stronger Connection Than Just “Netflix And Chill”

9. European History: How To Not Be Intolerably Annoying When You Come Back From Abroad

10. English 114: Analyzing And Interpreting Drunk Texts From Your Ex

11. Criminal Law: How To Stop Yourself From Watching 37 Hours Of Law And Order: SVU

12. Astronomy 29: Understanding That Your Zodiac Doesn’t Actually Control Your Life

13. Theater 141: How To Feign Confidence In All Situations

14. Economics 102: Understanding That If You Stopped Buying Drunk Food After You Go Out You Could Actually Afford To Go Grocery Shopping

15. Intro to Psychology: Analyzing Different Meanings Behind The “K” Text

16. Business: How To Fake Being Ready For A Real Career In A Job Interview When In Reality You Spent The Last Four Years Of College Signing Up For 3pm Classes Because You Hate Waking Up Before Noon

17. Musicology 109: Finding Emergency Cool Playlists To Put On Your Phone In Case Someone Asks You To DJ At A Party Or When Driving In A Car Because The Last Time That Happened All You Had Downloaded Was The “Shrek” Soundtrack.