17 Cringeworthy Things You Need To Stop Talking About *Not* Doing


Abstinence is great and boring—how many times must we learn this lesson before we stop bragging about abstaining from things and telling others to join the straight and narrow (and pretty uneventful!) path? I’m not advocating for doing any of the below things to excess, but I am calling for all of us to stop. talking. about. not. doing. stuff.

Lifestyle choices are just that: choices. So here are a bunch of things you can choose not to bore other people by talking about.

1. Not drinking coffee

Oh, you exist without caffeine? Lovely. Don’t talk to us before 11AM then, sparky.

2. Not drinking alcohol

Admirable? Yes. Low key rude and judgey to gloat about at the office after you’ve only been alcohol-free for less than 100 hours? Hard yes.

3. Not eating meat

Cool. I don’t eat cherry tomatoes, I think they’re too cute to consume. Are we done here?

4. Not consuming dairy

Even cooler!

5. Not sleeping all the time


6. Not sleeping enough

Bigger yawn!

7. Not listening to country

If you still say “anything but country,” you’ve dug too far into predictable and sad answers—talk about what you do like or don’t talk at all.

8. Not giving a siiiingle fuck

0o0o0o0o0oh, a rebel! You don’t give a fuck? Original! Tell us more! Never heard of this “no fucks given” that you speak of—oh wait, I think I did hear that in my AIM info from 2005. Okay. Nevermind. We’re clear. Moving on.

9. Not being on Twitter

Actually, you can stay off social media. You’d probably tweet about waking up in the morning.

10. Not having a T.V.

Cool. Very cool. Do you read too? Oh wow, how literary. How beautiful. Are they leather-bound? Oh. Damn. Well. Okay. I guess this is how this ends? Do you want to talk about how I don’t own a GPS? No? Okay. Well.

TL;DR—You must be so, so fun.

11. Not being on Tinder

So you just meet strangers in other strange places where you can’t see if they are fans of themselves shirtless, and therefore don’t find out that they’re low key awful until the third date? Tight. To each their bro.

12. Not being on Facebook

Please stop announcing that you’ve left Facebook with the same enthusiasm that should be reserved for announcing engagements, weddings, trips, and—okay, literally anything else. Just don’t announce this. Like the posts or don’t, we don’t care.

13. Not living in a city

Your yard is great. My block is great. Do you really need to talk about how wonderful it is to “get out” of the city for good, as if the rest of us have chosen a fate? We haven’t. We just live elsewhere. Calm down.

14. Not being in love or in a relationship

Being single isn’t some huge decision you should receive love and support for—it is literally the way you are born, could anything else be more boring to brag about?

15. Not being monogamous

Neither is your fav cute dog—don’t you appreciate that he doesn’t inundate you with stories of how his lifestyle is “free and more natural?” He stays lovable that way.

16. Not ~caring about labels~


17. Not talking about stuff you shouldn’t talk about

Sex, money, politics, and all of the shit I just told you not to brag about not doing—all very boring things to brag about not bringing up. “That’s why I say *never* talk politics!” You and everyone else who has ever spoken after the age of 15, babe. We’re all boring as hell—let’s at least try our best not to be, okay? That is the question and I’m sticking to it to the grave, like an Internet writer invented by a boring ass Shakespeare. Fin.