17 People On The Least Amount Of Fame They’ve Seen Go To Someone’s Head


Someone asked Reddit, “what is the least amount of fame you’ve seen go to someone’s head” and the responses are hysterical. Be warned, you people with a tiny amount of fame.

“My Facebook page is going viral”

I sell Mercedes. I once had a 24-year old man come in, saying he wanted to buy a black SLS we had on the showroom floor. He had started a Facebook page a few days prior and thought that he had gone viral and was now rich. He had been promoting his page and even though it only had 150 likes, it had 18k views. He was telling me how it’s been hard to cope with his new found fame and that he isn’t going to forget the little people. He tried to buy a $200k car with his Facebook page as proof of income. He had $13 in his checking account.

Being in the background of a local news shot

I knew a kid back in 4th grade who was in the shot when a local news station interviewed his mother on the street about who-remembers-what. He brought the tape in and the teacher had us all watch it. (I grew up in a podunk little town in the middle of nowhere, so this was a big deal.) Little bastard acted like a diva the rest of the year.

Someone at my school was on MTV’s ‘Made’ LOL

At my old job I had a student that was on that one MTV show where they try to reshape you into whatever you want to be. I think she wanted to make the varsity basketball team or something. I’ve never seen this show or watch MTV and she introduced herself to me that she was on that show which was utterly confusing. She would talk about this in her classes and I think she even offered to sign autographs. It was incredibly awkward.

Another MTV ‘Made’ success story

A kid a few towns over was on that show, his dream was to be on the varsity basketball team. I ran into him at a party a few years after. He introduced himself as the kid from Made, and tried it as a pickup line most the night. I don’t remember his name.

The danger of compliments

In high school I had a friend who was generally pretty shy and quiet. One day a cute girl gave him a compliment about looking hot, and his confidence level suddenly skyrocketed.

It was like night and day; all of a sudden he started wearing collared shirts for the purpose of popping them, and prefrayed trucker hats on an angle. He also started treating his friends like shit, and tried very hard to get into the “it” crowd of the school. This was in our senior year, and he inevitably carried his new cocky attitude to college.

I remember visiting him to catch up, and all he could talk about were all the girls he’d boned and how much booze he could drink. He ended up ditching out from having beers with old friends about 30 minutes into showing up, because it was a sausage fest.

I got a random call from him 6 months after that asking me to come by for a visit. He wanted someone there to talk to because he had knocked up one of the girls he’d been with, and all his bros suddenly weren’t available for support.

He has 2 kids now, and is a pretty okay dad, but he’s still an absolute douche when it comes to women. He treats his wife like crap, and always thinks every girl wants him.

It’s all still so odd to me, because the guy used to be very nice and reserved, but he’s been puffing his chest ever since that one compliment in high school.

TL;DR Guy called hot, went full alpha.


Our local traffic lady on the news goes to my gym hiding like leonardo dicaprio from paparazzi

That damn milk count kid…

In kindergarten this kid, J.J. got to bring the lunch count to the office and pick up the milk one day. He acted like it meant he had a ten foot cock made of gold and had been named king of the Earth and emperor of the moon. Motherfucker thought he was hot shit for like a week. Maybe he didn’t get much praise at home or something. Fuck that kid.

Catfish level: strong

This kid from my high school, out of nowhere, started posting tweets like he was famous and bought a bunch of twitter followers so he was around 50k… acted like he was better than everyone and we should be bowing down to him. Now (a few years later) he’s in college and has around 100k followers and made a song that got to like #150 on the itunes edm chart.

He tells people he’s opening for big names and has shows on warped tour every year but no amount of research has ever shown that to be true. One thing he does that’s pretty insane is to post naked pictures of girls on twitter that he edited to look like snapchat pictures that he was sent, claiming that random fangirls send him nudes all of the time.

It’s not so much that a small amount of fame has gotten to his head, I just think his lie is so many layers deep he actually thinks its the truth now. It’s quite saddening to watch from the outside.

Beauty vloggers

If you’ve ever met a “beauty guru” youtube vlogger with more than 10k subscribers in real life…. those girls think they are THE SHIT and that everyone knows who they are. Nope.

Military wives

I was in the Navy for awhile after HS. I noticed that Officers SO’s would go around using their husbands rank and that they are the wife of an Ensign. Like bitch, I’m not saluting to you. Did you earn the title? Are you in the military? No. Fuck off. That’s what I want to say.

Ha Ha Ha Ha

I have a facebook acquaintance who is an aspiring actress, but she’s never had a speaking role in anything and takes whatever extra jobs she can get. This in itself wouldn’t be bad at all — paying your dues, learning more about the business, etc.

But her facebook statuses are constantly about “preparing for my big scene with Celebrity X tomorrow!”… “Celebrity Y was totally checking me out on set today!” … “Up at 4:30 to make my 5:00 call time on set, such is the life of a working actress.”

Whenever someone unintentionally calls her out on her BS, e.g. with a supportive comment like, “You got a speaking role with X?! Congrats! What is your line?” their comment is promptly deleted. I know, I know, I probably should just block her but the whole charade is oddly fascinating.

Famed selfie taker

I worked security at Toronto’s Union Station (a train station). There had been a One Direction concert at the adjoining Air Canada Centre, and afterwards I saw a group of pre-teen girls rushing this other pre-teen girl, asking for photos and autographs. Turns out she was some “lucky ticket holder” and got to go on stage and take a selfie with the band. That’s it. And there was a crowd of 30+ girls around her asking for photos and autographs. Maybe not exactly an example of ‘going to her head’ but it was certainly bizarre and really made me think about this unhealthy obsession with fame. I wanted to take a photo but I only take pictures of little girls at the park.

But was she hot… or not?

I know a girl who was in “The Social Network” who was one of the models they used in the beginning when they were scrolling through the hot or not site.

After that “role” she immediately moved to Hollywood. Progress is still pending.

Aspiring actor/Not the father

My friend was on Jerry Springer and when he got back he made his own website referring to himself as “an aspiring actor”. He actually talks about when he got into guitar and when he made his “acting debut” on the website. He even posted about going back for an update show. It’s been a year and he’s been recognized ONCE from Springer at a local restaurant.

“losing my fame”

A kid at my school had like 100 you tube views on one of his raps.

Over night he started becoming more of a “rapper” and less of a white suburban male from the Philadelphia area. He became a total asshole.

His biggest worry/fear was

“losing his fame.”

Every time though


She wore her crown in public for weeks

Girl I was friends with in college won a local pageant for the Miss America organization. Crazy bitch wore her crown out in public for the next week.

If you don’t know the Miss America structure, a local pageant is the first step to the state pageant. There are 30+ local crowns given out in our state, and none of them require a girl to wear her local crown in public before the state pageant. It was super uncomfortable to be seen with her like that.