17 Phrases You Absolutely Must Use On ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’


1. Ahoy

Meaning: a greeting, like “hello!”

Used in a sentence: “Ahoy buddy, how is your day?”

2. Avast!

Meaning: to get someone’s attention, to point something out

Used in a sentence: “Avast! Look at that great happy hour special!”

3. Aye

Meaning: “yes,” a sign of agreement

Used in a sentence: “Aye! I understand!”

4. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

Meaning: a sign of disgust or anger

Used in a sentence: “Aaaarrrrgggghhhh that rude customer didn’t even leave a tip!”

5. Aye Aye!

Meaning: sign of agreement, usually in response to some sort of order

Used in a sentence: “Aye Aye boss, I’ll finish up this nap right away, sir!”

Jean Leon Gerome Ferris [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

6. Bilge-sucking

Meaning: an insult directed toward someone

Used in a sentence: “That bilge-sucking cashier wouldn’t honor my coupon!”

7. Blow me down

Meaning: an expression of shock or awe

Used in a sentence: “Blow me down, I actually had a good day at work today!”

8. Booty

Meaning: treasure

Used in a sentence: “While on the beach the other day I found myself some booty.”

9. Cleave him to the brisket!

Meaning: to slash someone across the chest with a sword or sharp blade

Used in a sentence: “After seeing my BBF’s ex treat her that poorly I wanted to cleave him to the brisket!”

10. Hornswaggle

Meaning: to cheat someone

Used in a sentence: “After comparing my car insurance rates to my parent’s, there is no doubt that I am being hornswaggled.

Ambroise-Louis Garneray [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

11. Old Salt

Meaning: an experience sailor

Used in a sentence: “Don’t worry about Joe drinking too much at the bar, he’s an old salt!”

12. Scurvy Dog

Meaning: mild insult, oftentimes said with playful intentions

Used in a sentence: “You left the club with two boys last night?? You scurvy dog, you!”

13. Shipshape

Meaning: everything is under control and in order

Used in a sentence: “I know we are going out tonight, but this apartment has to be shipshape cuz my parents are visiting tomorrow!”

14. Son of a biscuit eater

Meaning: insult directed to someone you don’t like

Used in a sentence: “Alex still owes be three months of rent, he is a real son of a biscuit eater!”

15. Three sheets to the wind!

Meaning: someone who is v. drunk

Used in a sentence: “I tried to get Carly to stop buying drinks for people, but she was three sheets to the wind.”

Thomas Luny [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

16. Splice the mainbrace!

Meaning: to get a drink for your crew

Used in a sentence: “Everyone was over at my house for movie night and I spliced the mainbrace for them!”

17. Yar(rrrrrr)

Meaning: sign of agreement

Used in a sentence: “Yar, I would like to get some sleep tonight!”


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