20 Reasons You Should Never Be With Someone Who Isn’t Pee-Your-Pants Funny


1. Orgasms are great, but laughs can be better.

2. You’ll miss out on a lot of great core strengthening from constant laughs.

3. Holidays with extended family will be unbearable without a funny dude by your side to make fun of Aunt Carol and her 5 pugs with.

4. Life with a serious guy by your side is boring.

5. Do you really want to be with a pretentious poet?

6. Every relationship over time has it’s dull moments but comedy seekers find the light in mundane situations.

7. Non-Funny guys will take your delusional/insecure moments to heart and engage them while the jokesters won’t take your shit.

8. You’re original! Why settle for anyone who doesn’t match you in that?

9. Funny guys easily get over awkward moments during sex.

10. If you’re not laughing, you’re not living your best, fullest life.

11. A serious guy won’t be able to entertain/impress your friends to the same extent that a funny guy would.

12. Texting is more fun when a good sense of humor is involved.

13. Jokesters are GREAT with kids.

14. Contrary to popular belief: guys who are funny are the wisest.

15. When you start to get wrinkles (from a lifetime of smiling), you can laugh about it together.

16. It’s scientifically proven that you are likely to smile when someone else smiles (mirror-neurons look it up).

17. They’re the best people to travel with.

18. When they tell stories at party’s, they’re ON and it’s HOT.

19. Your hormonal days won’t scare them.

20. Boys who have a good sense of humor are able to live in the moment and at the end of the day, what else do we really have?