17 Signs Abbi & Ilana Are Your Spirit Animals


If you aren’t watching “Broad City,” what are you doing with your life?! The show’s main characters and creators, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, are equally hilarious individually, but the two of them together are basically comedic gold. It’s hard not to wish you were actually friends with them IRL. So here are 17 ways you totally can tell that these girls would be your BFFs if you actually knew them:

1. You’re pretty sure that your best friend is more of a soulmate than a significant other could ever be.

2. If there were a fire in your apartment and you only had one thing to save, you’d have a hard time choosing between photos of your bff and your…er…personal massager.

3. You’re either totally chill about everything or you are easily worked up over smaller things. There’s no in between, and you require a best friend who can balance you out perfectly.

4. You talk in abbrevs on the reg. “No’mo fomo!”

5. Your resume is filled with odd jobs, but it means that you’ve acquired a “very particular set of skills.” Dog walking? Temping? Nannying? Been there, done that.

6. People aren’t sure whether to be confused or laugh at your quips and quirky phrases. Yas kween!

7. In school, you were either the class clown or a total bookworm – or both at the same time! Keep ‘em guessing.

8. Anyone who dates you better get used to the fact that you will absolutely facetime your bff while still in bed.

9. The best thing about adulthood is that you can eat cereal for dinner any time you want. Several bowls even!

10. You can find the humor in everyday situations and you know how to laugh at yourself when it’s required.

11. As much as you love donning your hair extensions and high-waisted sparkly skirts for a night on the town, you know there’s equal value in choosing sweatpants, takeout, and the couch.

12. Sometimes you feel like you should unplug from the virtual world, but you quickly realize that life really is a lot easier with your iPhone. You think you should feel ashamed about this, but you actually don’t.

13. You have an alter-ego that comes to life after the perfect amount of drinks.

14. Despite being a full-fledged grownup, you still depend on your friends to orchestrate contrived scenarios to help you snag your crush. Truth or dare, anyone?

15. Every detail of every intimate relationship will inevitably be re-hashed with your bff, most likely over brunch.

16. You know that in order to climb the career ladder, sacrifices must be made. Like teaching aerobics to senior citizens.

17. You know that the greatest friends are the ones who push you to step outside your comfort zone. And that they would probably take your phone calls in the middle of important events (like job interviews) to do it.