17 Signs You Are Actually Fat Amy From ‘Pitch Perfect’


1. You definitely know how to make sure people remember you.

2. Being blunt is one of your specialties.

3. You know how to tear it up with your girls on the dance floor.

4. You’re extremely innovative when it comes to working out.

5. But you do have a very particular list of things you will not do when it comes to exercising.

6. You’re honest with your friends when you need to be.

7. Bragging is one of your specialities, even if the things you’re bragging about are oddly specific.

8. You don’t have any problem letting someone know if they’ve said something that weirded you out.

9. Being theatrical is one of your best qualities.

10. You have the voice of an angel. And you know it.

11. You’re a master in the art of seduction.

12. You like to see the glass half-full.

13. A threat coming from you is absolutely terrifying.

14. You always know when someone’s about to drop a bomb.

15. You’re always poised and in control when it comes to dealing with chaos.

16. A compliment from you is always extremely deep and meaningful.

17. No matter what you’re doing, you’re always #crushingit.