17 Signs You Grew Up In Idaho


1. You’re always ready to clarify, “Not Iowa, IDAHO.”

2. Everyone assumes you grew up on a potato farm.

3. Watching Napoleon Dynamite is funnier to you than to anyone else because that’s really what home is like.

4. Summer meant camping at Redfish Lake, weekends in McCall, boating at Sandy Point, and basically being outside nonstop.

5. Winter meant ski lessons at Bogus Basin and sledding down J.R. Simplot’s front lawn (okay, maybe that’s just in Boise, but still!)

6. You know the difference between Mountains and Foothills.

7. Sun Valley isn’t just a fancy celebrity vacation spot – it’s where you learned to ice skate.

8. Niagara Falls isn’t that impressive to you after growing up visiting Shoshone Falls.

9. Going to the Rodeo (and even participating) is more popular than County Fairs.

10. You or your family lived near or on an Alpaca farm.

11. School was closed for Fall Harvest.

12. Shopping for a Christmas Tree meant literally going to the woods with an axe and then drinking hot cocoa out of a thermos while the adults chopped the tree down.

13. Skiing in a t-shirt in April wasn’t weird to you.

14. You wore your parka under your Halloween costume most years.

15. Feeding sugar cubes and carrots to wild horses is a standard childhood memory.

16. When you moved, everyone thought the most original joke was to ask if it was Idaho or You-Da-Ho and all you could do was roll your eyes like har har har never heard that one before.

17. You’re always the first person anyone’s met from Idaho because most people never leave.