17 Signs You’d Never Survive As A Liberal Arts Major


1. You like Bret Easton Ellis because of his relatable characters.

2. You think Jane Eyre and Jane Austen are the same person.

3. You see things as black and white, and you don’t really care about hypothetical ideas as much as their realistic implications.

4. The phrase “department wide potluck” doesn’t excite you.

5. You definitely know what you want to do with your life.

6. You’re a republican.

7. You actually like math.

8. You have never had a conversation about feminism, nor do you want to. You would actively avoid this discussion at parties instead of getting excited about it.

9. You’re a sincere fan of Britney Spears, Nickelback, or any country music artist.

10. When browsing online dating profiles you instantly get turned off and click away if someone says they are interested in “deep conversations.”

11. Your future relies more on ’employable skills’ than the breadth and depth of your knowledge, or, at least you want it to be.

12. You like suits. You joke about “suiting-up.” You wear suits when you go out on a Saturday night.

13. You don’t see the romance in being a struggling writer, artist or creator.

14. Growing up your internet habits were concrete: chatting friends and playing video games vs. creating websites or journaling.

15. You’re not really concerned about “structural evil,” “oppression,” or cultural biases. It also doesn’t concern you that you (or others) aren’t concerned.

16. In college you plan to get in and get out vs. being involved in many campus activities and ultimate frisbee leagues.

17. You like money.