17 Signs Your Best Friend Is Actually A Cat On The Inside


Your best friend is your everything – your rock, your sounding board, your partner in crime. You guys know pretty much everything about each other. And at this point, you’re practically convinced that your best friend is actually a cat living inside a person’s body.


They’re relentless about demanding your attention, even when you’ve made it extremely clear that you’re busy. Whether they’re laying across your laptop to forbid you from working, or making noises that are loud enough to the point where you can’t ignore them, they’re always thinking of some way to force you to pay attention to them.


Sometimes they hate you for no reason, but instead of getting offended by it, it just makes you laugh.


A decent amount of time has to be set aside every day for them to be able to nap.


…And most of the time, one nap is never, ever enough.


When you are in dire need of a particularly lazy, worthless, and non-eventful day, they are always right by your side, ready to veg out and lay around and keep you company while you’re watching a marathon of Bar Rescue and eating cookie dough.


They take truly fantastic Snapchats.


When they’re hungry, nothing can stop them. Even if you tell them not to touch something, they’ll do it anyway if that’s what they want.


There’s no shortage of places they will enjoy falling asleep in. Couches, boxes, your jacket, the table, the kitchen floor when they’ve had too much to drink. You name it, they’re game.


Sometimes they’re super social. Other times, you’ll catch them at parties, chilling out in a dark corner and observing everybody else socializing while they do something more important, like eating. And you can never help but laugh.


You always know when they’re hungry because they’ll walk with a purposeful slink.


They have a fantastic face in moments when they are not amused.


Sometimes you feel like you know every last thing about them. Other times, you feel like they’ve got a million secrets that they’re just waiting to unleash at any moment.


When something catches their attention, you know there’s no hope in getting through to them until the fascination has worn off or the stimulating object/show/person is gone.


They don’t usually say “now.” It’s always “meow.” Like, “What are you doing right meow?” or “It’s meow or never.” You hate it, but you barely even notice it anymore.


While they’re fantastic at demanding your attention, the minute you give it to them, they don’t want it anymore.


They’ve perfected the art of becoming immediately infuriated when anyone wakes them from their slumber.


They are your best friend, your soulmate, the most loyal person you could ever count on. But they’re also kind of hilariously creepy.