17 Soul-Sucking Habits You Need To Drop In 2018


At the risk of sounding like a fortune cookie, you deserve happiness and it’s within your reach.

It’s 2018 and since we don’t have flying cars or anything cool that we dreamed about in the early 2000’s, it’s time to focus on yourself and live your happiest life. Drop these soul-sucking behaviors before your mind drops your heart forever and you become a robot.

1. Waking up unhappy and without purpose. Not taking advantage of gratitude’s generosity to be your sidekick from sunrise to sunset. Ignoring the new day of opportunities for love, growth, support, and whatever else you’re looking for.

2. Thinking you’re not good enough. Embellishing this already suffocating habit with “Why does no one want my company?”

3. Holding back all those times you ignored the instinctual urge to go for it. Keeping thoughts and opinions to yourself in fear of being “too much.” Walking on tip toes around what matters most to you.

4. Participating in the conga line of societal expectations and superficial motives. Not recognizing a disconnect between what you want and your thoughts and actions.

5. Being ashamed of yourself. Looking in the mirror and telling yourself you’re ugly. Searching for flaws and wishing you could change the things about you that make you unique.

6. Gripping on to what “could have” happened or what you “almost” had. Using your history as an excuse not to move forward. Putting yourself in a box and not experimenting in the present moment.

7. Welcoming the consistent watchdog of “what-if” inside your house. Entertaining the tormenting thoughts of uncertainty and indecision. Maintaining a safe lifestyle because the vague outcome of an important decision carries too much risk to pursue.

8. Drowning your happiness with one bad day or week. Highlighting the bad experiences while forgetting all the beauty in your life. Thinking that to be happy, you need to be happy at all times.

9. Routinely using materialistic items to fill an emotional void. Not digging deeper into the root of the problem. Remaining a stranger to yourself.

10. Cradling comparison in your mind and body. Measuring your self-worth to anyone but yourself.

11. Fearing vulnerability and thinking rejection and lack of validation is the end of the world. Allowing yourself to get caught up in one person’s opinion of you.

12. Letting your thoughts distract you rather than drive your curiosity. Abandoning your inner-child and not recognizing the importance of being goofy.

13. Feeling lonely when you’re alone. Not embracing your own company and enjoying your time by yourself. Thinking you need someone else to complete you.

14. Not thanking your supporters enough, whether friends or family. Taking loved ones for granted instead of giving them the verbal attention they deserve.

15. Underestimating your strength. Not reminding yourself that you can get through anything, even if it sometimes takes longer.

16. Forgetting to be an enthusiast of life and to enjoy the simple things. Ignoring the smell of rain, the flicker of a candle, the worn look of book pages, someone holding the door for another, a smile from a stranger, the feeling of tea as it tickles your throat, etc.

17. Not taking a chance on yourself. But taking a chance on everyone else instead. Overlooking your right to put yourself first and go after what you want.