17 Stupid Things Girls With Soft Hearts Do For The Wrong Boys


1. Waiting days for him to answer a text and then replying back to him after only an hour or two because you cannot stop yourself from talking to him.

2. Allowing him back into your world, no questions asked, after he disappeared for weeks without an explanation.

3. Giving him a second (and third and fourth and fifth) chance after he screws up, even though it’s obvious he is going to make the same mistake again in the future without feeling bad about it because he never learns his lesson.

4. Making excuses for his shitty behavior, like convincing yourself that he’s only interested in sleeping with you because his ex gave him trust issues or because he’s scared of how much he likes you.

5. Allowing him to dictate what you are going to wear when you leave the house, which friends you are going to spend time with on weekends, and which other boys you are allowed to text.

6. Making him your entire world even though you are barely even a blip in his world.

7. Rearranging your entire schedule so you can see him when he makes plans at the last second, even though he would never do the same for you.

8. Distancing yourself from your well-intentioned friends because they keep warning you that you’re going to have your heart broken by him and you don’t want to hear it.

9. Having sex with him, even though you are secretly not ready to take that step yet, because you’re hoping to impress him. Or to convince him to love you back.

10. Taking him back after he cheated on you.

11. Staying quiet when he disrespects you instead of calling him out on his shitty behavior because you’re worried that if you voice your opinion he is going to leave and that’s the last thing you want.

12. Spending an unhealthy amount of time at the gym (or popping diet pills) because he has body shamed you and you’re hoping he’ll like you better when you lose a bit of weight.

13. Lying to your friends about how often you’ve been fighting with him and the nasty things he’s said to you because you know if they heard the truth they would hate him forever and you want everyone to get along.

14. Crying yourself to sleep at night because he keeps hurting you again and again, but you keep taking him back again and again.

15. Watching him intensely flirt with other women right in front of you, but then convincing yourself it doesn’t matter as long as you’re the one who he goes home with at the end of the night.

16. Looking past every single red flag that pops up because you really want the relationship to work and refuse to admit that maybe he is not the right guy for you, maybe he is actually pretty horrible for you.

17. Lowering your standards for a boy who is not worth your time or your effort, because as much as you try, you can’t erase your feelings for him.