17 Things All Hardcore Book Lovers Can Totally Relate To


1. You’ve started judging potential romantic partners solely on their reading habits. Some people go for nice arms or a great smile but you’re like, “Um hi, what’s your favorite book or author?” You know the answer is way riskier than even finding out what they do for work or who their favorite bands are. And if they say they don’t read? Check, please!!

2. You have so many books your bookshelf is overflowing and now you just have random spots of the floor stacked with books. At this point you’re kind of proud of your book stacks and look at them as an added flair in your home decor.

3. You own more books than anything else and you feel totally fine with that. Some people buy clothes or shoes or whatever but you, you buy books.

4. Your friends have stopped asking you if you’ve read the book anytime a movie comes out based on a novel. 9 times out of 10, yes, you’ve already read the book.

5. You loan someone a book and a week later you inquire about their progress. If they haven’t even started it yet it’s like, “what the hell? how could you not even start this AMAZINGLY WELL WRITTEN INCREDIBLE NOVEL YET?”

6. You feel a strong sense of anxiety coming on when you’re at a bookstore and you have at least a handful of books you want to buy and you realize you have to make a choice. You know you can’t buy them all. Which one is going home with you? This is the worst of the worst.

7. You get confused anytime someone asks you what you want for your birthday or a holiday because they should just know by now the only thing you want is an unadulterated shopping spree at the bookstore. Alone.

8. Anytime you have to name something it’s immediately sourced from one of your favorite novels. Dogs, cats, your car, future children, etc are all fair game. You hope your significant other or future spouse knows they’re just going to have to deal with it.

9. You’ve become the master of the side eye anytime you’re talking to someone and they say something like, “Oh, I don’t really read.” HOW IS THIS EVEN A THING!?!

10. Your boss might as well just start forwarding your paychecks to your local bookstore. I mean, it’s going there anyway, right?

11. When you’re out in public or on public trans and see someone reading you always try and find out the title of what they’re reading. If you can’t make out the title you get a little annoyed. You’re just curious what other people are into.

12. Even if you know it will likely never happen you still dream about meeting your future significant other/spouse/lover/whatever in a bookstore. Being surrounded by stacks of beautiful books is one of the most romantic places to meet someone. Maybe someday…

13. When you get to the end of an amazing chapter you whisper okay, just one more and flip to the next page. You try and keep a steady sleep schedule for work or school but oh man, sometimes it’s just so hard.

14. Let’s face it – you judge people who read things like 50 Shades of Grey. You know you should just be happy people are reading at all, but you secretly wish you could suggest 10 other better books out there they’d probably be into.

15. You rarely loan your books out anymore. You just know it’s unlikely someone else is going to take care of your books the way you do, let alone actually give them back. You wish you could be more generous but seriously, you’ve lost way too many great books in the process. Better get a library card, babe!

16. Everytime you walk into a used bookstore and it has that heavenly distinct smell of Old Book you instantly feel at home and comfortable. This is where you belong.

17. You get a little bit panicked when you find yourself in a waiting room or other spot without a book during a moment when you could be reading. You think about all the glorious books just sitting at home you could be reading right now but aren’t because you forgot your baby at home.