17 Things That Happen When You’re About To Be Reunited With Your College Besties


Whether it’s for a wedding or a bachelorette party or just a good old fashioned reunion, there’s no sweeter feeling than knowing you’re about to be reunited with the people who saw you at your very best (and more importantly, your very worst) in college. They laughed with you during hungover Saturday “brunches” in the dining hall, and they’ll be doing the same thing soon – only this time, you’ll be experiencing an actual brunch and you’ll be laughing about how there’s no way you’re technically adults now. 

1. You send them text messages that just contain nonsensical strings of emojis because you’re too excited to use actual words. But your friends know exactly what you’re trying to say when you send them a ghost followed by a lady salsa dancing followed by a poop followed by a monkey covering its eyes followed by a princess crown followed by, of course, the dancing twins.

2. You try to tell people about your upcoming trip and they’re like “I know. You told me about this last week and the week before and the week before” and you’re like… “Are you sure?”

3. When you have a series of bad days or shitty weather, you comfort yourself by telling yourself it’s only a little while longer until you’re with your soulmates – especially if you’re going somewhere warm.

4. You have a group text that never dies, and it gets louder and louder the closer it gets to your reunion date.

5. …Like if you go one hour without checking your phone, you come back to approximately 56 unread messages.

6. You basically have every single outfit picked out for the trip and decided it was a good idea to buy an entire new wardrobe, regardless of the fact that your reunion trip is only 3 or 4 days long.

7. …And you would feel bad, but your besties all texted you that they did the exact same thing.

8. You receive a text message daily or every other day from one of your friends letting you know exactly how many more days until the big weekend.

9. In order to help yourself deal with and express your excitement, you Facebook stalk yourself from your college days and text pictures to your friends of some of your funniest nights together.

10. Not to mention pretty much every #tbt you participate in leading up to the big weekend involves a collection of sloppy pictures detailing exactly what your reunion is going to look like.

11. You’ve updated your weather app on your phone to include the location of your reunion, so you can check the weather every day and get a day-by-day play of what it will look like on reunion weekend.

12. If your reunion involves you having to get on an airplane, you’ve warned and/or threatened your friends that you’re already going to be drunk by the time that you arrive.

13. You already have a playlist half-ready that will contain all the songs you guys need to listen to when you’re together, and most of them are from 3 or 4 years ago.

14. If someone tries to make plans with you that weekend, you’re not capable of just saying “Oh sorry, I’m going out of town.” Instead, you have to go into a 10-minute explanation of what you’re doing and where you’re going and who you’re seeing because this person has to know how excited you are.

15. You cannot resist making your Facebook profile pic and/or cover photo a picture of all of you together with a description (that’s usually IN ALL CAPS) about how you’ll all be together soon.

16. You have accepted that the final 2 or 3 days leading up to the reunion will somehow seem longer than the entire month.

17. You know, beyond a shadow of the doubt, that the first hour of the reunion will just be a bunch of screaming and crying and yelling and possibly drinking. And you’re absolutely okay with that.