17 Things That Happen When You’re The Friend With The Weird Laugh


1. Sometimes you get severe anxiety in serious places, like church or class or an awards event. Not because you’re surrounded by people. But because if someone makes you laugh, you’re not going to be able to hide it. The thought of losing your composure in public is like, actually terrifying to you.

2. You’ve had to reassure people at least once or twice that no, you are not having an asthma attack. Everything is okay. You’re just highly amused.

3. You’ve had an experience in a movie theater where people laughed at a funny moment, and then they all continued to laugh because they heard your weird laugh above everyone else’s and they were weirded out and didn’t know what else to do.

4. Your friends, for the most part, are always really amused when that happens at the movies, but sometimes, you actually think they might be embarrassed.

5. When you laugh around someone who has never encountered you before, one of your friends usually looks at them and says something along the lines of, “No really. That’s his/her real laugh.”

6. You’ve been told that a hyena would be the most fitting Patronus for you.

7. Sometimes being the one with the weird laugh feels like a lot of pressure. If someone makes a joke, their first instinct is to look at you. If you don’t laugh, they’re crushed.

8. …Which is flattering, but damn, it’s tiring too.

9. You totally relate to babies in YouTube videos who have really strange giggles.

10. Your friends have all tried to impersonate your laugh.

11. And they’ve all FAILED. Because that shit is unique, thank you.

12. Sometimes you’ll be watching a show with a character who has a super strange or creepy laugh, and your friends will say, “Hey, that sounds like you!” And then you’re like… how does one respond to that?

13. If someone makes a joke that’s not funny, you can’t hide your lack of amusement. They know you’re lying, they know you’re not amused. You’ve tried and you’ve tried, but a polite laugh just does not exist in your repertoire.

14. That crying-laughing emoji belongs to you and you alone. It is YOURS.

15. Sometimes when something funny happens, you start laughing hysterically and then eventually realize everyone has stopped laughing at the joke and is now just laughing at you.

16. You’ve unintentionally frightened strangers in public before.

17. You’ve had to tell people you just met that no, you were not sarcastically laughing at their joke. You honestly thought it was funny and yes, that’s your real laugh.