17 Things To Let Go Of As 2017 Comes To An End


While we are nearing to saying goodbye to this year, I hope we all realize that there may be ups and downs but in all, we should always consider each year a good year. If your 2017 has been a bit bumpy I hope you don’t give up and use the next year as a new beginning and a chance to live life again. Here are 17 things you should let go this now that the year is over.

1. Let go of your fears.

If you’ve been on your comfort zone this year, you should find the courage to face the things that you fear. Sometimes, most of the time, rather, our fears are irrational misconceptions that tend us to stay grounded and forget that it’s ok to be bold and fearless and courageous and to just jump in and try. Let go of all the things that you fear and just try for once. You might be surprised for what’s in store for you.

2. Let go of your self-doubts.

Believe that you are great, kind, beautiful, strong, smart and worthy. I always thought that if you won’t believe in yourself, who else would? Always remember that you are meant to do great things. This year, a lot of opportunities might have been your key to succeeding but was postponed due to doubting what you can do. Just let go and get things done.

3. Let go of envy.

Stop looking at what the other person has going on, what the other person does, or what the other person achieved. Focus more on yourself. How else can you improve if you only choose to look at other people? Learn new things. Acquire new skills. Be what you choose to be without comparing yourself to others.

4. Let go of your insecurities.

I won’t say I don’t have any insecurities. I sure do. Sometimes when I wake up, the first thing that I would feel is that I’m not enough, or I’m never going to be enough. It is ok to have those days, but do not let these things get to you. Let go and let your insecurities be the strengths that you need.

5. Let go of settling for “OK.”

One of my friends like to say “Why be ok when you can be extra”. I totally agree to this. We are meant to do great things. We are meant to succeed. Why settle for ok when you can be great? I hope next year you put your mind to it and just do everything you can and be awesome.

6. Let go of unrealistic expectations.

While I advise on refusing to settle, I would also advice to set realistic expectations. As human beings, we tend to focus on expectations. Sometimes in work, in friends, in loved ones. Most of the times, when we set expectations with other people or with our environment, it leads us to one thing – Disappointment. This is the worst way to get through life. Focus on what’s in front of you and choose to see the positive in each situation instead of your unrealistic expectations.

7. Let go of toxic relationships.

This might be your boss, your “friend”, your partner, your significant other. We tend to hold on to relationships because they’re comfortable and safe, but while we are settling with these relationships, we often forget what we truly deserve. Find the balance between settling and leaving.

8. Let go of hate.

Hate consumes. Always know that being hateful towards anything or anyone always lead to damaging your own emotions, yourself, more than anyone else. It’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Hate will only affect you. Let go and let karma do its job

9. Let go of bitter memories.

This might be a tough one for everybody and I know because I’ve been in that situation where I held on memories that weren’t even good, only to find out that I’m becoming this miserable person I shouldn’t be. The key of letting go of these bitter memories is to always ask yourself, if you hold on to these, where will you put new, and most probably better ones? Make room for better memories. Let go of bitter ones.

10. Let go of bad habits.

It might be taking you forever to stop that habit but there is no way to go but to decide to start. Take one step at a time. Get help from professional if needed. Commit to getting out of this bad habit and focus on getting better. Small progress is still progress

11. Let go of debts.

Another aspect in your life that you may want to look at during the course of the next year, are your financial loss and gains. Debts are one of the few things that really pulls a person to the ground. Sometimes we allow ourselves to gain and gain more debts over time. We forget and we continue spending more than what we can. Start paying off and you’ll see how you’ll be able to take control more of your life once you are financially free

12. Let go of sudden expenses.

In line with having debts, I also suggest to let go of spending on new stuff that has absolutely no use in your life. This might be a new dress that you won’t ever use or a new watch that would only add clutter in your closet, whatever it is, you should train yourself to stop buying new things that you won’t need. Sometimes we find satisfaction in material things that we forget to truly be happy without these.

13. Let go of the petty stuff.

Don’t sweat the petty things as they say. Don’t focus on the small things that has small impacts in your life, sometimes no impact at all. If you let your day be bad just because of a small detail of the day, guess what, you lose. When we tend to focus so much on the small things we forget to have a view of the big picture.

14. Let go of giving in to pressure.

Sometimes we do things, not because we want to, but because we choose to give in to the pressure around us. Do not let yourself be unhappy just because a person or a situation asks of you to do so. Always ask yourself if you’re doing something because you really want it or because it satisfies others.

15. Let go of awful thoughts.

Thoughts are very powerful. Thoughts lead to actions, which later on leads to habit. Train your mind to think of the good. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking.

16. Let go of negativity, in general.

All of the things that are just dragging you down, or just holding you back. Learn to set yourself free of these things. Happiness is a choice. Dare choose it.

17. Let go of this year, 2017.

Let go of what happened this year. Start with a clean slate. All the things that might have been, would have been or should have been. You have another 365 days to be fierce, better and awesome.