17 Things True Best Guy Friends Really Do


1. You have a handful of embarrassing inside jokes spawning from hilarious past events that you know you can use to break the ice at any social gathering — enough to lighten the mood for sure.

2. When you do something morally questionable, you can always count on them to make you feel even guiltier…and then toast to that stupidest decision you just made, and use it to tease each other about it someday.

3. You can spend hours in each other’s company doing stupid things together (especially in the eyes of our SO). Be it League of Legends,  DOTA, even screaming at each other in Left4Dead. Any sedentary activity is much more enjoyable spent together hanging and doing something we like.

4. You can write a book about all the good and bad times you’ve had together, but you know this book would be filled with hilariously stupid things your guy friend did. Ironically, it may actually be useful when the time comes for a eulogy. You both know no one else’s friendship can compare.

5. You and your guy friend do the same brainless things for hours though you’re not physically right next to them. (Yes you, fellow Diablo III bros)

6. You don’t say it, but deep inside you know it’s probably a pretty damn cool idea to share a bachelor’s pad with your best guy friend.

7.  We don’t give a shit what we wear when we meet. So long as you’re not naked, and you don’t stink, all’s good. 

8. When you’re stuck in a rut and feeling lousy, a simple chill out with a bro over a beer probably wouldn’t solve any problems…but it does makes a world of difference. 

9. You know each other’s most embarrassing secrets, and more often than not, you’re involved in it. Hurhur.

10. No phone conversations need to last more than 3 mins.

11. When you go awhile without seeing each other, all you need to start is just say, “yo, dumbass” And there you go, conversation starter 101.

12. You have that “BRO, LOOK” that you give each other when you both spot a hot chick/ face an immediate situation that you need to bail; we get the message across without the need for the use of words.

13. At some point in time you would’ve done almost everything together at least once. E.g., Gymmed, got wasted, got into trouble, etc…

14. Your conversations on WhatsApp or text can seem so confusing — especially to any outsider, who wouldn’t believe that you guys are best friends with the amount of cussing and insults that you guys have to each other. (Yes, that’s what we do girls)

15. When your phone rings at 4 in the morning, you automatically know they’ve screwed up and need your help. As much as it sucks getting out of bed, you know they’d do the same for you. 

16. You instantly understand the nonsense your bro goes through with his girlfriend, because yes, though we love our SO, sometimes the shit we have to go through is pretty universal. 

17. You accept each other fully, stupidity and all.