17 Things You Do When You’ve Reached “That Point” Of Familiarity In Your Relationship


1. You let them see you at your absolute worst physical state – lack of shower, heinous clothes, no makeup, etc – and you have no qualms about it whatsoever.

2. You make jokes and laugh about each other’s bathroom habits, but eventually there’s a lot less nervous giggling and a lot more normality than you ever thought would be possible when it comes to discussing poop.

3. You don’t worry about how ugly you look when you sleep anymore. Whether you’re an open-mouth breather or a drooler or a snorer or all three, you know they’re still going to like you in the morning. They just might make fun of you a little bit first.

4. You’ve stopped being cute and/or polite when you go out to dinner, and have progressed into the beautiful habit of eating whatever you want, including whatever is on their plate.

5. There may have been an occasion or two or fifteen where you helped them get something out of their teeth after you pointed it out and they couldn’t find it themselves.

6. They know and you know one another’s likes when it comes to food. So most of the time, you help each other pick your meals when you’re out to eat with comments like “Well, you don’t like onions so I’d avoid that” and “Try the burger. You said you’ve been craving a burger lately.”

7. You develop pretty bad habits together, like going to Taco Bell at midnight at least once a week.

8. When you do something as simple as running to Walgreens for a new toothbrush, you’re always going over in your head things that they might need as well.

9. You’ve developed your own way of silently communicating with each other when you’re in social situations, through hand signals or weird faces or bulging eyes.

10. You’ve learned each other’s nightly routine down to the minute, to the point that you know when they’re getting tired, you know how long it takes them to get ready for bed, and you can pretty much guess how many minutes it will take before they’re fast asleep.

11. You also know their morning routine: whether or not they drink coffee, what they eat for breakfast, how they get ready for work, how many times they hit the snooze button before they get up, and whether or not they think the morning is the work of the devil.

12. You can read their mood the instant you get on the phone or see them in person, and most of the time, you can even tell their mood through text messages. You know when they’re happy, when they’re pissed off, and when they’ve just had a bad day. Without them having to utter even one word about their current mental state.

13. You know the most ticklish part of their body, and the evil slash romantic-comedy-star-wannabe part of you sometimes just can’t resist using that information to torture them.

14. Belching and burping have stopped being something you should withhold or say “excuse me” for, and instead have turned into bragging rights. When one of you burps, the other one usually tries to follow it up and outshine them.

15. You may have accidentally used the same toothbrush once or twice, and while it’s fairly gross and not an ideal situation, you freaked out a lot less than you would have if it were someone else. After all, you exchange saliva with this person on a regular basis anyway.

16. Watching embarrassing and/or trashy tv shows together has become a cornerstone of your relationship.

17. You have no hesitations about telling one another when one of you has a bad breath situation going on.