17 Things You Need To Know About Tinder CEO Sean Rad


Twenty-nine-year-old Tinder CEO Sean Rad is about to get really fucking rich this Friday, when The Match Group, Tinder’s parent company, is scheduled to go public. Below are the main takeaways from the Evening Standard’s endlessly entertaining profile of the Internet entrepreneur slash rock star wannabe.


1. Like every other single person, Rad is addicted to Tinder, noting “every other week I fall in love with a new girl.”

2. He lost his virginity at the surprisingly advanced age of 17 to his first love, maybe because he had “deforming” acne that made it “hard to connect with people.”

3. His childhood dreams were as trite and unattainable as the average guy’s: He wanted to be a rock star. Luckily for Rad, he “fell into tech” in an age when a Web Summit, where he’s greeted by “screaming” fans (and an audience “bigger than Instagram’s”), is more “like a concert.”

4. He’s a college dropout with at least one failure beneath his belt, an email service called Orgoo.

5. He claims he’s been in four serious relationships to date, and fallen in love with each of his former girlfriends.

6. He also claims he’s only slept with 20 women.

7. There’s a famous “supermodel, someone really, really famous” who’s been “begging” to get busy with him, but Rad’s allegedly been denying her repeatedly.

8. Why? Because he’s really focused on “intellectual stuff,” obviously, even though he confuses the whole cerebral connection concept with (get this!) sodomy!

10. Tinder is actually working on a feature that will help users identify their intellectual equals.

11. He’s as much a fan of dick pics as you are, asserting, “I do not condone penis pictures—that is just NOT who I am.”

12. But he is a fan of defending his brand, claiming, “you can’t deny Tinder is what the world wants.”

13. As far as world issues go, he believes Tinder has “solved the biggest problem in humanity: that you’re put on this planet to meet people.”

14. In his view, Tinder might even lead to a reduction in the divorce rate since “Now there is more choice, so people make the right decisions.”

15. As for those who dare to challenge Tinder’s overarching utility, Rad is dismissive. He’s even done “background research” on Vanity Fair writer Nancy Jo Sales, though he refuses to provide details regarding “stuff about her as an individual that will make you think differently.”

16. He thinks there are some problems in society, but “If society just wants to ‘hook up’, who am I to judge?”

17. He talks to his mom daily because he says he has “no choice.”