17 Things You’ll Find In Every Traveler’s Apartment


1. Maps – of the world or just a city explored in the past.

2. Something super touristy – a mug that says “I <3 NY,” a shot glass from that time you went to Vegas, or a tote bag that says “Paris” on it.

3. Worn copies of Lonely Planet guides you’ve used the shit out of or just copies of Lonely Planet guides to places you want to go someday but haven’t made it to yet.

4. A suitcase or backpack that’s always at least half-packed.

5. Tons of outlet converters.

6. Keychains from destinations you don’t remember purchasing but somehow have.

7. At least one burner phone you use when you travel internationally.

8. And tons of sim cards for that burner phone you use in foreign cities.

9. Unused phrase dictionaries in multiple languages.

10. Postcards from places you meant to send when you were traveling.

11. Travel sized soaps and shampoos collected from spending time in hotels or leftover from past trips.

12. At least one pair of shoes that you bought while traveling that you’ll never wear again but you can’t throw away because they’re from BELGIUM.

13. A collection of foreign coins or currency you’ll likely never use again but like looking at from time to time because it reminds you of your trip.

14. At least one thing you bought because you thought you absolutely had to have it for your trip to later end up not bringing it or using it – a special outfit, hiking shoes, etc.

15. A moleskin filled with names, foreign phone numbers, addresses to various shops or can’t miss spots, or sudden observations you had while traveling.

16. Phone numbers in your phone for people you don’t know but with names like “Giuseppe ITALY” or “Gerard IRELAND.”

17. Books in foreign languages you aren’t fluent in because you saw it in a bookstore in a city you were visiting and just HAD to have it for your collection.