17 Times The Muppets Perfectly Understood Your Post-Grad Struggles


1. When 90% of your paycheck goes toward rent and loans:

2. When you remember that you signed up for a free trial and forgot to cancel before they started charging you:

3. When your dream job can only “pay” you in experience:

4. When you and your roommate decide to throw a dinner party, but only one of you can cook:

5. When you walk into any job interview and try and act like the adult you’re supposed to be:

6. When you decide to visit home AKA eat some free food:

7. Then you get home and have to justify every single one of your life choices:

8. When Monday rolls around and you embark on your morning commute to the job you just tolerate:

9. When you take up every opportunity to make a little extra cash, because rent:

10. When your on-again-off-again relationship is on-again:

11. When you walk into any networking event:

12. When you agree to go to any event if they advertise free food:

13. When you try and figure out how to date post-college:

14. And then when you realize that Tinder was probably not the best place to look for eternal love:

15. When you realize you’re on your own this tax season:

16. When you step up onto the scale for the first time in ages:

17. When your boss gives you a task that’s actually important and related to what you want to do in life: