17 Undeniable Signs You’re A Serial Monogamist


1. The idea of dating more than one person not only gives you MASSIVE anxiety, but also just seems like a ton of work. You barely have time for yourself, how are you supposed to divvy up your energy between multiple people?! Seriously, you want to know.

2. Your crushes last a really, really, reaaallly long time.

3. No, seriously. You’ll have a crush from afar for months and months. Maybe even years…

4. In all likelihood, you’ve had a crush on someone in school for the entire school year — regardless of if anything ever happened with them.

5. Your middle school diary is fuuuulllll of entries about the same person. Over and over. And over…and over again. “Today, he gave me a pencil” *heart eyes*

6. And for some reason you can’t exactly explain, you remain weirdly loyal to your crush.

7. It didn’t matter if nothing was ever going to happen between the two of you, the thought of going out with anyone other than them felt…wrong? You couldn’t ever cheat on your unknowing crush like that!

8. It’s not that you hate being single, you just adore being in love and committed to someone you really care about.

9. The concept of casual dating is completely lost on you. It’s like complex math equations or how the IRS works — you just don’t get it.

10. You only have two moods: totally invested or completely uninterested.

11. You don’t think you could really date someone just “to date.”

12. In your world, dating is such a tiring process that you wouldn’t want to commit to something unless you could see a future. You don’t want someone just for the sake of having someone. You want someone because you want them.

13. In your best relationships, you feel like you’re truly living the best version of yourself. You push to be better, to inspire and be inspired by your partner, and to always leave room for you both to grow.

14. You have a hard time getting rid of special keepsakes from past relationships, no matter how long it’s been. Sometimes, it really has nothing to do with the person — more so the memories of that place and time in your life.

15. You have zero idea how to play it cool. ZERO. If you are really into someone, you’re going to let them know. Even if you don’t want to, you end up giving yourself away.

16. Your friends are always telling you to find your chill and you’re like, “BUT I’VE NEVER HAD IT TO BEGIN WITH!!”

17. You’d happily trade nights of being single, wild, and free to just come home and chill on the couch with someone you really love. Always.