18 Activities To Pass The Time While You’re Waiting For ‘The One’



Study up and watch every episode of Sex and the City.


Create high standards for your future relationships by watching every romantic comedy ever made. If he’s no Hitch, then he’s no man for you. You’re not asking for too much and don’t tell yourself you are.


Learn to love yourself. There will be no greater romance in your life than self-acceptance.


Go to Paris, the City of Love, by yourself. Why? Because you love yourself, remember?


The Beatles are indisputably the greatest band ever and in the short-lived time that they were together, they blessed the world with an array of timeless music. Since you have a lot of time on your hands, listen to every Beatles song ever.


Enjoy the time you have left with your friends. One day you’ll be married and they’ll be married and you’ll have kids and they’ll have kids and while you two will always be there for each other, it won’t be the same.


Do things on your own. Visit the museum. See a movie. Take a photography course. Eat at that restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. Don’t wait for anyone, it’s not weird to hang out with yourself. It’s peaceful.


Make sense of the world in your own way. While life is confusing and incredibly frustrating at times, it is essential that we come up with our own philosophy and remain solid in our personal fundamental beliefs.


Read It by Stephen King. It’s a fantastic world to become engrossed in and its got everything. Strong unity between characters. A titillating story line. Gratuitous sex scenes. Relatable(ish) events. A demonic evil force from space. Turtles! And of course, clowns! When you’ve finally finished the book (it may take a while), you’ll feel incredibly lost and won’t know what to do with yourself at that point.


Watch The Godfather. I’m not saying this because it’s my favorite movie, I’m saying this because it’s a requirement as a human.


Garner an arch nemesis or two. It keeps things interesting and you learn from the feuds you encounter.


Do dumb stuff that you’ll always remember. Makeout with some random guy. Sing at the top of your lungs in public. Steal a donut. Partake in drunk karaoke with a fun stranger. Why? Because doesn’t have to be as serious as people say it needs to be.


Write down what you’re thinking. I’ve found that once you become involved in a serious relationship, you’re less in your own head. It can be nice. You realize that you are not one in this world, you start to feel a part of something else. Something greater. However, because you are less in your own head, you don’t ponder the world in the same way. Your thoughts aren’t as penetrating as they used to be.


Fall in love with something that isn’t another human being. Whether that be with a place or a movie or a book. Fall deeply in love with it because it means something to you that nothing else will.


Laugh at the world because it’s fucked up and it can be a brooding place, so we must always keep our humor, otherwise we will lose sight of all the amazing aspects of life.


Build your life. Establish your career. Follow your dreams. You don’t need a partner for any of this. Figure your life out before you open a new chapter.


Find happiness with yourself. No man (or woman) will ever provide you with happiness, they can only share their own with you. You must love who you are and be happy with the person you have become, and from there, you share that positivity with others.


Get comfortable, this might take a while, enjoy the ride while you still can.