18 Don DeLillo Quotes That Will Make You Think Twice About Life


All human existence is a trick of light.
How subtly we shifted emotions, found shadings… using the slightest intake of breath to reach agreement on our fear.
Clouds are no deterrent. Clouds intensify the drama, trap and shape the light.
There is a sense of wandering now, an aimless and haunted mood, sweet-tempered people taken to the edge.
The supermarket shelves have been rearranged. It happened one day without warning. There is agitation and panic in the aisles…
What terrorists gain, novelists lose.
Time is a corporate asset now. It belongs to the free market system. The present is harder to find… The future becomes insistent.
The genius of the primitive mind is that it can render human helplessness in noble and beautiful ways.
Hardship makes the world obscure.
I slept for four years. I didn’t study much of anything. I majored in something called communication arts.
Man’s guilt in history and in the tides of his own blood has been complicated by technology, the daily seeping falsehearted death.
Numbers behave, words do not.
America was and is the immigrant’s dream.
What you see is not what we see. What you see is distracted by memory, by being who you are, all this time, for all these years.
I embarked on my life – I didn’t do anything. I don’t have an explanation.
People will always make comparisons.
There are no amateurs in the world of children.
We create our own frenzy, our own mass convulsions, driven by thinking machines that we have no final authority over.