18 Epic Things You Need To Do This Summer


1. Clear out the ghosts of all your exes and terrible hookups by painting and rearranging your bedroom. Get some new bedsheets! You’ll breathe new life into your room and that sense of starting fresh will make you feel like your summer is starting off on a positive note.

2. Take a cocktail making workshop with your best friends or your boy/girlfriend. Who doesn’t like drinking in the summer? Plus you might get to come up with your own signature cocktail!

3. Get a summer cookbook, a BBQ grill and start cooking.

4. Go zorbing, which is basically you rolling around in a giant ball!

5. Blow your savings and travel somewhere totally new at the last second.

6. Plant a flower in your room and watch it bloom. Use this as a metaphor for life. Chances are any memories you make in your newly redecorated room you’ll associate with the flower.

7. Take an art class — a drawing class or an improv acting class. Feed your creative soul!

8. Go to a music festival in a different state or country if you live abroad. Camp out there the whole weekend. There’s nothing like drinking and bonfires in a park with thousands of people you don’t know!

9. Write someone you love a letter. No, not an email. A real, actual letter. Tell them what you’re up to, ask them how they are.

10. Go out clubbing until 7am. Walk around the city and play in the empty streets. Find a diner and have an amazing breakfast.

11. Take tons of pics of you and your friends and send them home to your parents so they know you’re okay.

12. Have a glitter picnic! Get a huge sheet of sequin fabric for you all to sit on and tell your friends to wear something sequinned. Go on a sunny day for maximum impact!

13. Throw paint filled eggs at a canvas — or each other 🙂

14. Spend an afternoon selling homemade lemonade and popsicles in the park.

15. Get a summer haircut. It will all grow back by the Fall anyhow. New lewk, new u.

16. Get a bunch of your friends together and rent a sick-ass AirBnB on a beach or in some other exotic place you would never be able to afford on your own.

17. Find a fabulous rooftop bar and bring your favourite book and a pair of sunglasses. Order a glass of procecco and start reading in the sunshine — alone.

18. Wake up everyday and ask yourself “If not now, when?”

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