18 Essential Life Lessons Your Younger Sibling Will Teach You


1. You learn that everything you do matters. Which can sometimes feel like an almost suffocating experience because your sibling watches everything you do, and tries to emulate you. But you learn that this can also be encouraging.

2. You learn to forgive yourself for the mistakes that you make. And to be patient with others as they try to do the same.

3. You learn that creating good memories is a powerful thing to do. And being the best self you can be at any given time is one way to achieve this.

4. You learn that it’s more important to be understanding of someone than to agree with them. And that people will always respond to you if they believe you are doing the former.

5. You learn that good and honest friendships are difficult but necessary to cultivate. And that they will be one of the few things that will always sustain you.

6. You learn that just because someone doesn’t take your path, it doesn’t mean the path they are taking is the wrong one. And in so doing, you let people find their way, while letting them know you are always there for them.

7. You learn to choose your words with the utmost care when you’re angry. Knowing that it’s near impossible to take words back once they’ve been said.

8. You learn that time is more important than can ever be put into words. One day they’re not just the young or younger child you know, they’re growing up like you. And they’re growing up fast.

9. You learn that you can’t change people to what you want them to be. And that the more you try to, the less likely they will feel comfortable showing you who they really are.

10. You learn you can’t protect anyone from the ugliness of the world. The same way your parents or older siblings couldn’t protect you from it either.

11. You learn that one of the best feeling in the world is laughter. And the sound of listening to someone you love genuinely laugh, is priceless.

12. You learn that the advice you give is your own form of nostalgia. Whether you’re trying to give it to others or to yourself.

13. You learn that you spend far too much time mulling over your regrets. And you don’t spend enough time reflecting on the lessons that you learned.

14. You learn that being liked isn’t as important as being respected, being trusted, and others knowing that you always have their best interests at heart.

15. You learn to appreciate that how you see yourself is not always how others see you. And that it’s important to be keenly aware of this, so you’re never too easy or too harsh on yourself.

16. You learn that the world might not owe you something but you owe the world every gift, every talent, every kindness you can offer. And you hope that the goodness that you bring will come back not just to you, but to those whom you love.

17. You learn that there will always be one person in the world who thinks you are stronger and more capable than you do. And that every moment you think, “I can’t,” there is one person in the world who believes you can.

18. You learn that you can easily love someone from the first second you meet them. Almost the same way you fell in love with your younger sibling the moment you laid eyes on them. Indeed you learn that love at first sight is real.