18 Hysterical Portlandia Skits


1. Kath and Dave perform an authentic Spanish guitar dance at Nina’s birthday:


2. Doug and Claire become addicted to Battlestar Galactica:

“So…I lost my job.”
“One more episode?”


3. In which Fred and Carrie get really competitive about what they’ve read:


4. Daniel and Meg go dumpster diving and find cute things:

“I mean, we’re like architects. We have an eye for detail; we know what’s good in there and what we can discard.”


5. Carrie’s character tries to sell her clothes at a vintage store:


6. In which Jack McBrayer guest stars and makes a fatal mistake:


7. Feminist Bookstore, featuring Aubrey Plaza:

“This is a best-selling author. Do we want this in here?”


8. Dave and Cath bring their dog with PTSD to the dog park:


9. Everyone in the office goes into a food coma after a hefty meal:


10. In which a biker is just trying to bike in peace:


11. Portland gets invaded by DJs:


12. Gigi and Phil work on a new project for Bad Art, Good Walls:


13. Garmin, the little guy:


14. Pitchfork reviews Catnapped:

“Everything that can be said in music has already been said. I think…we’re done…”


15. Nina and Lance make a safe word for when sex gets too rough:


16. Crazy cyclist realizes things are over:


17. Patton Oswalt replies “yes, +97 people” to Nina’s party:


18. The trendy Deuce Hotel:


image – youtube.com