18 Kids Describe Exactly What Love Is


1.“Love is when you kiss a girl for the first time and then you know that you’ll never be bored again because you can always just think about kissing her.”

— Justin, 11

2. “I know what love is. Love is when someone loves someones else…and then they whack each other.”

— Owen, 5

3.Ewwww! Love? Ew.”

— Malik, 6

4. “Dad not farting.”

— Poppy, 8

5. “The warm feeling when someone hugs you.”

— Vince, 7

6. “When you wanna kiss a boy you’re friends with. But I’m not friends with any boys.”

— Keri, 12

7. “Well I know I love my girlfriend because when I think about her making out with another guy, I want to punch a wall.”

— Robbie, 13

8. “Kissies.”

— Uma, 5

9. “I don’t know! Maybe…no never mind. I don’t know.”

— Jessie, 7

10. “Squishy cheeks.”

— Iván, 6

11. “I’m not sure because everyone who says they love each other also acts like they hate each other.”

— Wyn, 8

12. “Nothing.”

— Noah, 7

13. “When my brother goes to a sleep over and I cry because I miss him.”

— Lola, 6

14. “Love is what grown-ups feel when they kiss each other and get married.”

— Kelly, 8

15. “Love is what happens when you really really like someone and you want to spend all day with them and nobody else. Except for maybe your family and your friends because you love them too.”

— Matty, 9

16. “I love my family because they’re my family. And when I’m older I’ll probably love someone else because I love them.”

— Jacqueline, 10

17. “I know my mom and dad love me because they give me food and let me play games and give me a hug when I’m sad. So I love them too.”

— Inigo, 5

18. “You tell me! You’re old.”

— Lee, 7