18 Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Kim Kardashian


1. No one, not even Kim, can pull off a middle part slicked back pony tail.

2. When you find something that looks good on your body; run with it. In Kim’s case it’s a pencil skirt and fitted crop.

3. If Kim can power on after her sex tape, a nasty office rumor or embarrassing breakup is nothing to worry about. Keep your head high!

4. You don’t have to have a body like a sad coke rat coat rack to be attractive.

5. Take your $75,000 earrings off BEFORE jumping in to any body of water.

6. You should not be ashamed of your pregnant body. Wear what you want whether it’s a tent or a fitted floor length floral dress with matching gloves.

7. Be best friends with your siblings. They are always looking out for your best interest.

8. Take a chance on love. Believe in it with all of your heart. And if it doesn’t work out try try again.

9. Contouring is God’s gift to makeup.

10. Don’t get facial plastic surgery (other than a nose job) before the age of 35.

11. Some people with dark eyes and an olive complexion can pull off blonde.

12. Sometimes the one you’ve been waiting for has been under your nose the whole time.

13. You don’t have to get married first (or at all) to have a baby.

14. If you’re going for an elegant wedding dress look, lace is negated by side cutouts and an absent back.

15. Life is better when you share interests with your partner.

16. You don’t need to drink to have fun.

17. Appreciate how much your controlling mom loves you. Do not let her run your life.

18. When in doubt – nude lips and a smoky eye.