18 People On How Their Dating Life Changed After Graduating College


1. “A lot more Tinder. I didn’t expect that, but it’s true.” —Emma, 24

2. “I think I thought it would be more different than it actually is. I had this idea that all the guys would be like mature gentlemen, but they’re pretty much the same except they drive slightly better cars. I can’t really complain though, because I’m not some responsible lady. Just yesterday, I realized I hadn’t paid my utilities in like two months. It’s a miracle my cable hadn’t shut off. ” —Mila, 22

3. “I work from home, so dating is pretty much non-existent unless I make a concentrated effort to go out. But I’m not really looking for a relationship right now though, so I don’t mind.” —Phil, 24

4. “I was never really cut out for the college dating thing. The one time I hooked up with someone, I totally misread the signals and thought we were heading for something more serious, which was definitely not something the guy wanted. I’m better with meeting people online and going on actual dates where we’re both interested in something serious.” —Maddie, 25

5. “I moved home, so unless I want to date someone I went to high school with, I’m not really dating. It’s great motivation to save up money and move out though.” —Matt, 22

6. “I work in a very male-dominated field, so it’s been fantastic for me. There’s never been a shortage of dudes interested in grabbing drinks with me.” —Hailey, 26

7. “In college, I was in one of the more popular frats and dating was really easy. Then I graduated and I went from being a big fish in a little pond to a tiny tadpole in an ocean. It’s definitely been an adjustment. I’m not as impressive in the real world.” —Greg, 22

8. “I haven’t really seen a huge difference. You see someone you like, ask them out, and then either go on a date or don’t. I guess the only real difference is in the amount of effort that goes into meeting people. I can’t just walk down the hall, I have to go out to a bar or something, but that’s never been an issue for me.” —Tim, 25

9. “It’s great! In general, people are more mature and I don’t have to worry about getting dragged to some party every weekend.” —Jared, 24

10. “F*cking fantastic. I’m casually seeing a few people and they’re all seeing other people too. Everyone’s chill and looking for the same thing. No pressure, no jealousy. The dream.” —Steve, 25

11. “I’m in a long distance relationship with my college boyfriend, so I think it’s safe to say that relationships after college suck. I miss him.” —Mary, 23

12. “It’s a lot harder to find a hook up! Before I could text a few classmates and have someone over within the hour, but now the success rate on a cold call is a lot lower.” —Kris, 23

13. “I’m too tired to date. I’m an assistant for an exec who’s working on a million different projects, so my days basically consist of waking up early, working until 7 or 8 at night, and then being on call until I have to be at work the next morning. It’s slowly killing me, but it’s getting me a lot of connections that I need. So I guess my relationship is with my job, is that sad?” —Jo, 25

14. “The dating part is pretty much the same, it’s the meeting people part that I hate. In school, there were always girls in my classes that I could get to know and eventually ask out. Now, my only option really is to ask a stranger for her phone number. It’s the worst.” —Harry, 24

15. “It’s different for sure. For me, college was basically just hooking up with someone and then hanging out with them a few times depending on how great the sex was. Now, dates are more about getting to know each other and looking for a potential relationship.” —Rayna, 24

16. “Now that I’m not a ‘college girl’ the number of older guys that are interested in a relationship with me rather than a hook up has gone wayyy up. I love it. They’re respectful, actually interested in my opinion, and just know a lot more about the world. I feel like I’ve improved as an adult by dating men over 30.” —Kim, 25

17. “My friends told me to try online dating, and it’s been horrible. Just not for me. I’ll stick with pining over the guy at my office.” —Patrice, 23

18. “I never really dated in college, so I guess it’s gotten better? I went on a date last week, which is more than my entire junior year, so…” —Leo, 23