18 People Share The One Thing They Wish The ISFPs In Their Lives Understood


1. “You are so creative and talented. If you find a way to truly believe in yourself, nothing will be able to stop you!” –ESFP

2. “Thank you for understanding that I want to be alone sometimes.” –INFP

3. “When we’re together, please remember that it’s not always about the Instagram photo. Art is important but so is experiencing life.” –ENFJ

4. “I love the beauty you create in the world and in my life. Let’s go be hermits and not judge the world together.” –INFP

5. “You are so much more than what you think you are.” –ESFP

6. “I know that you’re a free spirit, but sometimes getting your crap together is a good thing.” –ESTP

7. “You’re lovely, but I hate when I see you get lost in feeling sorry for yourself. There are always alternatives!” –ENFP

8. “You elusive little minxes. I love you. What do I wish I could tell you? You are loving and engaging, but you are so secretive. You project this raw vulnerability, but it’s skin deep. You love being in your own world, you love leaving people in this trail of wonder and mystery, but I hope you have people in your life who you can really let in, and who can dig through crap with you.” –INFJ

9. “Stop detaching from everyone – we want to connect with you!” –ENFJ

10. “We know you’re beautiful, but sometimes it feels like you’re shoving it down our throats a little? This may just be the ISFPs in my life.” –ISFJ

11. “You make the world so interesting! Keep contributing your creativity. And know that conflict is scary, but someday you will meet people that are so indescribably worth confronting conflict. When that time comes, don’t run.” –ENFP

12. “There will be times when other people are not okay, and you can’t fix it. Know that that’s okay.” –ISFJ

13. “You can get pretty attached in relationships – it might help to ease up on relationships sometimes and focus more on what you believe in.” –ENTP

14. “Love the creativity. Like seriously. You are all SO weird, but I love it.” –ENTP

15. “Hello sweet soul, for all those times you wish you weren’t born the way you were and that you want to change so you can protect yourself- NO! That part made you stronger and wiser without even trying. Other people try so hard to be that. So chill, don’t personalize anything to seem that it’s against you. Nope, it’s them, not you, okay? Hugs!” –INFP

16. “You’re a great friend, but all the crying can be a little much, especially for us thinkers who don’t know what to do about it. Maybe tell us what you need when you’re upset?” –INTJ

17. “Learn to confront fears and conflicts. Develop bravery and clear communication instead of avoiding conflict or worrying about stepping on others feelings. Work things out so they don’t get bottled up inside of you.” –ENTP

18. “You’re an idealist’s favorite kind of sensor, just don’t forget about us for too long when a new project or idea takes hold.” –INFJ