18 Quotes That Prove RuPaul Knows All


RuPaul is the world’s premiere drag superstar, as well as a television personality, recording artist, actor, model, entrepreneur, and spiritual guru. Here are some of Ru’s greatest pearls of wisdom (and these ain’t imitation)

”If you have goals and the stick-with-it-ness to make things happen, people will feel threatened by you, especially if your goals don’t include them. They believe that if you take a piece of pie, then that leaves less pie for them. Seeing you follow your dreams leaves them realizing that they’re not following theirs. In truth, there is unlimited pie for everyone!”

”Walking with your chest out and your head held high says you have earned the right to stomp and pummel this particular piece of real estate.”

”Anybody who can step out of the house with a pair of heels and some lipstick on their lips is my hero.”

”Whatever you proclaim as your identity here in the material realm is also your drag.”

“My sister Renetta took me to the Canyon with a paper bag of cookies and a blanket, and told me “Ru-ru- this is a pic-nic.” I was 5 years old. That’s when I first learned about magic. Because to anyone else, it would be a paper bag and a blanket. But Renetta turned it into a magical event by calling it a pic-nic.”

”You are not your religion. You are not your skin color. You are not your gender, your politics, your career, or your marital status. You are none of the superficial things that this world deems important. The real you is the energy force that created the entire universe!”

“If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

”You’re born naked and the rest is all drag.”

”When you become the image of your own imagination, it’s the most powerful thing you could ever do.”

”All sins are forgiven once you start making a lot of money.”

“What makes a gay icon is someone who possesses both masculine and feminine qualities simultaneously. Someone with the power of Judy Garland and the vulnerability of Judy Garland is a shoe-in. The world we live in is made up of polar opposites, black/white, male/female, night/day, and a human being who possesses both masculine and feminine – vulnerability and strength – is intriguing to us, whether they be a singer or actor or dancer, intrigues us, because that is who we really are. We are this world, all of it, and when we recognize it in other people – that person gets our attention. That person becomes the representation of your own potential.”

”You have to use what you have to get what you want.”

”If you wanna be invited to the party, you must have something to bring.”

”Mama said ‘Unless they gonna pay your bills, pay them bitches no mind.'”

”When the going gets tough, the tough reinvent.”

”Don’t be afraid to use all the colors in the crayon box.”

”Biggest obstacle I ever faced was my own limited perception of myself.”

”You may not get the role you auditioned for, but make a lasting impression and they will remember you for something else later.”

“You can call me he. You can call me she. You can call me Regis and Kathie Lee; I don’t care! Just as long as you call me.”

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