18 Reasons Arrested Development Fans Should Exclusively Date Each Other


1. When you meet you can bond over your mutual excitement for S E A S O N 5. 17 episodes of glory, coming soon to a computer near you via your parent’s Netflix account.

2. You will have someone who is equally enthusiastic about watching Transparent just to keep following Jeffrey Tambor, or Bojack Horseman because it’s impossible to pass up anything with Will Arnett.

3. It’s like you finish each other’s…

… sandwiches?


4. Not to generalize the average Arrested Development fan, but it’s entirely possible that neither of you have any game. You have that compatibility going for you right off the bat.

5. You both think breaking into various Bluth chicken sounds is totally normal. All any of us are really looking for is someone who will fully appreciate every time we walk into the room and say, “a-coodle-doodle-doo” à la Lucille Bluth.

6. Because you don’t understand people who haven’t rewatched Arrested Development at least 3 times. Like, could you even be in a relationship with someone who “watched one or two episodes here or there”? Of course not.

7. You know if you ever break up – or if one party decides they’ve made a huge mistake- the other will have a Charlie Brown/George Michael moment.

8. At least you know obsessing over Arrested Development is the closest you’ll both get to being in a cult. You can rest assured they don’t have any other weird kinks or cult followings. Probably.

9. You will have a moment when you start dating over the time that Gob is randomly riding around on a jetpack in an episode during season 3 and it will be amazing. That’s how sparks fly.

10. Gift ideas for your significant other: Stuffed animal from ARMY, homemade hot ham water, tickets to Blue Man Group, a mini replica of the Aztec tomb.

11. Your opinions on season 4 might actually be strong enough to drive a wedge into your relationship. Power through in the name of love.

12. You both aspire to the love you watch Portia de Rossi and Ellen share. And you feel like you had a connection to Portia long before Scandal.

13. You’re still insanely passionate about a show that first aired in 2003 and you probably need someone who views this as a wonderful and quirky attribute instead of just plain ridiculous and a huge indication that you can’t let go of the past.

14. You consider anyone who says Arrested Development isn’t in their top 5 shows of all time to be completely blasphemous. You’re trying to weed negativity like that out of your life.

15. You have someone to pick apart the intricacies and point out that they changed the actress for Marta here, or made a reference to Opie there.

16. If you ever go into business together, you have so many possible names: Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog, Señor Tadpole’s, J. Walter Weatherman Incorporated, Mrs. Featherbottom’s Cleaning Services,

17. You both share the belief that without Arrested Development, favorites like 30 Rock, The Office or Community wouldn’t have been the same. It’s important to have someone agree with you on this point, otherwise it can be a huge feud.

18. You both have the same views on cooking: Bring the bone home, put it in a pot with some broth. Baby, you got a stew going.