18 Reasons To Join A Sorority


Going to college is scary. I don’t care who you are or if you love the thrill of a huge life change, it’s a scary process. You get to a brand new school, with thousands of brand new people, and have no idea where to begin. Everyone always tells you that “getting involved” will make college that much better, but how do you even get involved?

Well, there’s probably hundreds of ways you can get involved, but joining a sorority is getting involved in a number of ways. I could probably go on forever about why you should join a sorority, but I’ll limit myself to 18 reasons. While I’m constantly struggling to break the negative reputation that sorority girls receive on a regular basis, this isn’t going to be one of those “Total Frat Move” posts about joining a sorority to hook up with frat guys. This article contains genuine, yet lighthearted reasons as to why you should put some serious thought into going through formal recruitment (but of course I still had a little bit of fun with it).

  1. There will always be someone to go to Walmart with you at 2am when you’re trying to procrastinate the paper you have due in the morning.
  2. There will always be someone who also procrastinated their homework and will be up until 2am with you.
  3. There’s a bond with the girls in your pledge class that you won’t find anywhere else.
  4. You literally have 50 new closets full of clothes to choose from (it’s cliche, but true).
  5. Homecoming week will be one of the best weeks of your life.
  6. Whether you feel like staying in, going out, or seeing a movie, there will be someone that will feel like doing the same thing.
  7. You’ll walk away with BOXES of clothing, having paid for less than half of them.
  8. Cue Senior Wills, where you’ll feel like a celebrity.
  9. Recruitment will be one of the scariest, yet most exciting times of the year.
  10. Finding out your rush crush is soon to be your sister is like finding out your soulmate loves you back.
  11. Very rarely will you pay for your own drinks. I don’t mean to live up to the sorority girl stereotype, but hey, it’s true, and who doesn’t like free things?
  12. There’s no better feeling than becoming a Big and welcoming your Little into your family.
  13. Kitchen time (when everyone sits at the table, stuffs their face, and recaps their previous night) can sometimes be better than the actual night out.
  14. Meeting a girl from another chapter is like meeting a long-lost friend.
  15. Your networking skills with drastically improve.
  16. Putting your sorority on your resume really does impress and interest employers, and creates an easy scapegoat when they ask you to tell them about yourself.
  17. Your people skills will only get better — recruitment can be very awkward if you don’t know how to hold a conversation. Believe me, you learn quickly.
  18. You make a difference — each sorority has one specific cause that they hold philanthropy events for in order to raise funds and spread awareness. The difference that one group of women can make when they are passionate about something is truly amazing.

I understand that sororities aren’t for everyone, but think twice before you automatically count one out. Each sorority is unique in its own way; while one may be horribly wrong for you and shy you away from sororities as a whole, don’t let it. You may find one that’s the perfect fit, that you can’t see getting through college without.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find one that changes your life forever, like I did.