18 Secret Struggles All Talkative People Experience



1. Always being told that you’re a bad listener even if you’re not. For whatever reason, it’s really hard for people to believe that you can have the gift of gab as well as be good at listening.

2. The spotlight is always on you to start conversations or keep conversations going. Everybody around you expects that you’ll always have something to say (even when you don’t feel like it).

3. Always being looked to, to diffuse any awkward or tense situations with your wit and humor. And sometimes failing miserably.

4. Awkward silences don’t necessarily make you nervous, they make everyone nervous whenever you’re around.

5. People thinking that being talkative means you’re less intelligent than others. Mostly because you say what you’re thinking more than most.

6. Feeling from time to time that people value you less because they hear from you more. So if people were a market based on how frequently they talked, you’d be in less demand.

7. Covering your hurt feelings with chatter. And because of that sometimes people are more reckless about the things they say to you.

8. Living in constant fear of saying the wrong thing or putting your foot in your mouth. Yes, even though you talk a lot you worry about these things.

9. Everyone always asking you if you’re okay if you’re quiet for barely a moment. But then of course always pointing out how much you talk.

10. People being less forthcoming with you about their secrets because they think you’ll mistakenly let something slip.

11. Nobody believing that you ever get shy, even though it’s sometimes part of the reason why you talk so much.

12. Everybody thinking that you like to be the center of attention, even though you don’t really care about it one way or the other.

13. The fear that people think that you talk as much as you do only because you like the sound on your own voice. When really, you just like to learn about people. And talking is how you do it.

14. People often thinking that you’re a superficial person, even when you may actually be talking about important things and sharing profound ideas.

15. You often think that people mistake your talking too much for talking too much about yourself, even though that’s not necessarily true. You may even talk about ideas more than people.

16. People think that you find it difficult to be alone. So even when you just want time to yourself, people feel the need to ask for your company.

17. Being forever defined as the person who is talkative or your friends introducing you as the person who will always have something to say.

18. Feeling that you actually wouldn’t like to talk as much as you do. But somehow, you manage to think at a higher rate than you talk. And if you don’t get it all out, you might go crazy.