18 Signs You And Your Friends Are More “Golden Girls” Than “Girls”


1. You’re less likely to greet each other like this…

2. Than you are to greet them like this:

3. You no longer respond to relationship drama like this:

4. You prefer to take this approach:

5. Giving each other advice is less like this:

6. And more like this:

Or this:

7. When one of you is doing something stupid, the rest of you are more than happy to set them straight.

8. When any of you flirt with men, you don’t approach it with caution…

9. You cut right to the chase.

10. When any of you are feeling particularly sentimental, you rarely express your feelings like this:

11. But might do something like this:

12. You all own your sexuality, and don’t give a flying f*ck what anyone thinks.

13. You all love insulting each other more than complimenting each other.

14. Your idea of a Girl’s Night is less like this:

15. And more like this:

16. Your priorities lie less in this:

17. And more in this:

18. But like either show, you know that the most important thing in life is having your best friends right by your side.

thumbnail image – Golden Girls