18 Simple Things 20-Somethings Should Remember


1. Sometimes, slowing down is good and necessary.

2. Looking around is important.

3. Feeling the moment is what it is all about.

4. Accepting things you can’t change is like finding an open window when you lose your key to your front door.

5. Though it will be tougher to go through a window, it’s more fulfilling and a lot of fun.

6. Talking to someone about something makes you realize how much you care about that something.

7. Not all important things are that big and not everything that’s big is important.

8. In order to move forward, one should also take two steps back and look at the bigger picture ahead.

9. Reconnecting with old friends is as necessary as gaining new ones.

10. There will be times when the smallest detail will be the only thing that will make something stand out from the rest.

11. Respect is the universal language.

12. Rules are meant to be followed as well as your heart.

13. You are the only person who can decide on whether others can hurt you so be careful in accusing someone else for your broken heart.

14. Saying ‘yes’ more works like magic.

15. Acknowledge the fact that you can still feel something towards others because it means that you are capable of doing so.

16. Deciding on being a heartless bitch is tough with all the love that surrounds you.

17. Some feelings are to be acted upon and some are okay to be left unnoticed until you forget about it especially if it seems destructive.

18. Dreams are what keeps us going so everyone is encouraged to live it.